Was Jesus Born on Christmas Day?

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Was Jesus born on Christmas day?  The real history of Christmas is full of debate, especially on the day when Jesus was born.  Christmas is an annual religious and cultural festival that Christians celebrate across the world. It is one of the most popular religious celebrations in the world.

Where did Christmas come from?

Christmas was not among the early church celebrations. The first known Christmas started in Rome in 336. Christmas (or Xmass) is the short form of the word Christ’s mass.

Was Jesus born in December? Is Christmas Jesus birthday?

People celebrate Christmas on 25th December every year. Why December?

Many people wonder why Christmas is celebrated in December. Looking at history of Christmas it clearly indicates Jesus real birthday is not known. No one knows when Jesus was born. As such December being the day to celebrate Christmas is based on speculations.

was Jesus born on Christmas day

Some scholars observe that the day Mary, the mother of Jesus was told that she will have a baby was on 25th March. Hence, counting forward from March the ninth month is December 25.

Yet others argue that the world was created on 25th December, and believe that Jesus was also born on 25th December.

And there are many other varying arguments. At the end it comes down to say that the day Christians celebrate Christmas is not the day Jesus was born.  Jesus real birthday remains unknown up-to-date. Jesus was not born on Christmas.

Why is Christmas observed? Why is Christmas important?

Christians observe Christmas to honor Jesus Christ whom they believe is the son of God. It is a cerebration where people exchange gifts and attends prayers. The day is also characterized by acts of good will like cheering the sick in hospitals and prisons. On Christmas day many people spend time together with their families.

Furthermore, Christmas is important among Christians as it is a time for feasting and worshiping. Christmas is a day when Christians are encouraged to reflect on the teachings of Jesus such as love, righteousness, repentance, and obedience to God.

When did Christmas start?

Christmas started long time ago. The first Christmas celebrations happened in Rome in 336. Few years later Pope Julius I officially declared 25th December as the day to celebrate Christmas. Since then Christmas has been one of the popular religious festival around the world.

How does Africa celebrate Christmas?

Africa celebrates Christmas somewhat differently from the other parts of the world. Christmas in Malawi and other African countries is relatively less commercialized as in the US. Many people in Malawi do not have enough disposable income to afford a luxurious Christmas cerebration as it happens in western countries.

Generally, many Christians in Malawi celebrate Christmas by eating rice with chicken or beef instead of eating the daily staple food nsima. Fireworks and dances also form part of the celebrations.

Many people from low-income families cannot afford to buy expensive gifts as such very few people receive or give out Christmas gifts. Parents also consider Christmas as a day to shop clothes and toys for children.

A small part of the population affords luxuries such as going go to the lake, parties and musical shows. Christmas in Malawi is also characterized with excessive drinking, increased crimes rates, more road accidents, and over spending.

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