12 Safety Tips during Rainy Season in Malawi

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This article lists some safety tips during rainy season in Malawi. Rainy season gives hope to people in country because we depend much on rain fade agriculture. It however, has to be pointed out that the season also comes with its challenges and dangers.

Over the past years there has been increased numbers of deaths and damage caused due to floods that occur because heavy rains. The loss of vegetation due to deforestation is also blamed for the frequent floods.

It is noted that some of the damage or loss caused during rainy seasons can be avoided. There are precautions to be taken during rainy season that would reduce the extent of damage caused by heavy rains. It argued that if people abide to some of the dos and don’ts during rainy season  the damage cause may be minimized.

Safety Tips during Rainy Season in Malawi  causes of floods in malawi

12 Safety Tips during Rainy Season in Malawi

Do not cross flooding rivers and streams

Flooding rivers are a death trap that should be avoided. Water flowing in flooding rivers has very high pressure which can easily carry away a person. It is difficult to walk against fast-moving water. The best time to cross the river is when the water levels have gone down where the supporting materials of the bridge can easily be seen.

Prune dead tree branches which can fall on your house

Some accidents happen during rainy season when heavy trees fall over a house roof or over a car. To avoid such incidents prune tree branches that fly of the roof tops.

Check doors and windows are properly closed

During rains check that doors and windows are properly closed. Do not allow water to enter the house through open windows or doors. Check that there are no leaks in the house. If there is flood in an area move to higher grounds

Flood water is equally dangerous. Whenever floods approach your area consider moving to high grounds. Do not wait for the water to hit you. If there are children around pick them quickly, hold them by hand and move together with them to higher grounds until the water levels goes down.

Turn on headlights and slow down your car

Turn on headlight when driving a car and slow down. Rains may make seeing what is in front difficult, especially around corners and during overtake.  Turning on headlights ensures there is enough for the driver to see what is happening on the road. Roads become slippery when rains are falling, hence, the need to slow down the car. Speeding the car during rains may lead to overturning of the car.

Safety Tips during Rainy Season in Malawi

Don’t touch wires from fallen electric poles

Sometimes ESCOM poles fall down during heavy rains. As a rule of thumb treat each electric wire on the pole as live wire. This means a person should not attach the wires from the fallen poles to avoid electric shock. In the event that the fallen pole is near the house report the matter to the fault department.

Do not drive while drunk

Do not drink and drive. Driving a car while drunk is illegal and it may lead to road accident. Hire another person to drive if you are drunk. And never drive in flooded roads. When the road is flooded turn back your car or wait for the water levels to fall.

Stay away from area prone to lightening

Lightening is deadly. Usually people who are hit by lightening have small chances of surviving. Make sure you are away from areas that are prone to writing such as trees. Instead stay close to tall buildings.

Avoid working or walking in the rains

Stop working on the rains. Working on the rains exposes a person to dangerous thunder storms. If you were walking on the road consider finding temporal shelter when the rain starts. Find a place to hide waiting for the rains to stop failing. Walking on the roads in which there is high pressure water flowing can is dangerous.

Do not allow liquid to come into contact with power points

Water does not mix well with electricity. Usually when water is in contact with electricity there is danger for electric shock. Hence, there is need to avoid water contacting the power sockets and any electric equipment.  Unplug all-electric appliances during heavy down pour and switch off the main switch. Never attach electrical appliances with wet hands.

Avoid constructing settlement in swampy areas and flood plains

The safety tips during rainy season shared above assume that the houses are in habitable areas. During previous flood disasters I was learnt that some people construct homes in flood plans. Flood plains are marked as unsuitable areas for housing. As a matter of necessity people should  build homes in upland areas.  Avoid making settlements in flood prone areas.

Listen to weather forecast

The metrological department announces weather forecast on several radios and television stations every day. In their weather bulletin they also broadcast the dos and don’ts during rainy season. Listen to the forecast and use the information wherever necessary.

Alert family and friends about possible danger

Whenever you notice there is a dangerous area that should be avoided during rainy season please alert your friends and family accordingly. Inform the police when there is an accident to rescue people or injured person for them to take the persons to the hospital.


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