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POLITICAL PARTIES IN MALAWI. This is a list of some registered political parties in Malawi.

  1. African Nyasaland Party
  2. Alliance for democracy (AFORD)
  3. Christian Democratic party
  4. Congress for National Unity
  5. Congress Of Democrats (CODE)
  6. Democratic People’s Congress (DEPECO)
  7. Democratic progressive party (DPP)
  8. Freedom Party
  9. Labour Party
  10. Leadership with Compassion (LCP)
  11. Malavi People’s Party
  12. Malawi congress party (MCP)
  13. Malawi Democratic Union
  14. Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (MAFUNDE)
  15. Malawi Freedom Party
  16. Malawi National Democratic party
  17. Mtendere Ufulu party
  18. National patriotic front
  19. National Solidarity Movement
  20. National Unity Party
  21. New congress for democracy
  22. New Dawan for Africa Party
  23. New republican party
  24. New Vision Democracy Party (NVDP)
  25. Nthanda Congress Party (NCP)
  26. Pamodzi Freedom Party
  27. People’s Democratic Party
  28. People’s Party (PP)
  29. People’s popular front
  30. People’s Transformation Party
  31. Rejoice Kingdom Party
  32. Sapitwa National Democratic Party
  33. The congress for the second republic of Malawi
  34. The Forum Party
  35. The Malawi democratic party
  36. The New Rainbow Coalition Party (NARC)
  37. The Republican Party
  38. Umodzi Party
  39. United Democratic Front (UDF)
  40. United democratic party (UDP)
  41. United front for multi-party democracy

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