10 Quick Facts About Joyce Banda  

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If I would be asked to name the richest woman in Malawi, I would probably mention Joyce Banda. While this is just an opinion, the fact is that Joyce Banda is one woman with a very rich history in Malawi. Part of her unique story is that Joyce Banda was the first female president Malawi.

She is also the founder of Joyce Banda foundation.  Joyce Banda foundation is well-known high school she founded before she become President of Malawi.


This post lists some facts that you may be interested to know about Joyce Banda.

  • She is the first female president of Malawi
  • Joyce Banda date of birth: 12 April, 1950

Joyce Banda Family  

Joyce Banda left her first husband in 1981. She is now married to Richard Banda. She has five children.

  • In 1997 she was awarded Hunger Projects Africa Prize for leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger
  • She became an MP in 1999 for Zomba malosa constituency
  • Her father was a police brass band musician
  • In 2014 Forbes named her the 40th most powerful woman in the world and most powerful woman in Africa.
  • She is the founder of People’s Party (2011)

Joyce Banda Education qualifications

Joyce band has the founder and owner of Joyce Banda Foundation has the following education qualifications.

  • Cambridge school certificate
  • A diploma in Management of NGOs
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in early childhood education
  • Bachelor of social studies in Gender Studies
  • Master of Arts Degree in Leadership

Her early business includes

Joyce banda is known as an entrepreneur since when she was 25 years old.

  • Akajuwe Enterprises
  • Kalingidza Bakery

Where is Joyce Banda now?

Joyce Banda left the country soon after the 2014 elections.

She expected to come back to Malawi to contest during general elections in 2019.

You may read more about Joyce Banda foundation founder here  or  here

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