Malawi Flag: Meaning of Malawi Flag

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Malawi Flag


Malawi flag was first adopted in 1964 on the day the country become an independent state. The flag of Malawi resembles the pan African flag design.

Malawi Flag Meaning

Main colors of the Malawi flag are black, red, and green. The top stripe of the Malawian flag is black. And at the middle is the red stripe. While   green is the bottom stripe. The rising sun on the Malawi flag stands for dawn of hope and freedom for the African.

Black stripe symbolizes the indigenous people of Africa. Red stripe represents blood split during the struggle for freedom of the indigenous people. The bottom stripe which is green represents the country’s land and its natural vegetation.

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New Malawi flag


In 2010 the country adopted a new Malawi flag despite that many people were against the idea. The new flag had the red stripe on the top; at the middle was black and green at the bottom. On the new flag of Malawi they replaced the half sun with a full white sun at the middle of the flag to represent economic progress made since independence.

Current Malawi flag

Two years later in 2012 members of the Malawi parliament re-adopted the old flag of Malawi. The current flag of Malawi is found raised in many government institutions and places where state functions are taking place.

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