Where is Malawi located on the Map?

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Where is Malawi located on the map? I know some people ask where is Malawi located on the map?

Malawi is one of the smallest countries in Africa. It is home to some of the most beautiful tourists hot spots in Africa. 

The people of Malawi are very friendly and so kind. For this Malawi has a nickname “the warm heart of Africa”. Malawi people are Malawians.

Is Malawi a country?

Sometimes people from other countries ask me is Malawi a country? This tells me that some people do not know that Malawi is a country.

I think one of possible reason would be because Malawi country is not popular like is America, UK, and South Africa.

Facts about Malawi show that Malawi constantly ranks as one of the poorest country in the world.

Besides, Malawi is a small country. As a result it is not surprising to hear people ask is Malawi a country. Usually a question  like these come from people who haven’t heard about Malawi country.

I also understand some people think Malawi is a city in South Africa.

However, truth is that Malawi is an independent country since 1964. Before independence in 1964 Malawi was under the British colony.

Where is Malawi located in Africa?

Malawi is located in southern part of Africa.  Countries that border Malawi include Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania.  The boundary between Malawi and Tanzania is separated by Lake Malawi. In the Southern Africa Malawi is the smallest country. It is also one of the most densely populated countries with 17 million people.

A map of Malawi shows all twenty-eight districts in three major regions of the country. These divisions are south, central, and northern region. Water covers eighty percent of the country.

Sometimes people want to know where is Malawi located on the map of Africa because they know that Malawi is among the safest places to travel in Africa. And there are many tourists attraction places in Malawi that are natural beautiful.

What do people eat in Malawi?

Lastly here is the answer to the question what do people eat in Malawi?  Like in any other country people in Malawi eat different types of foods. However, Malawi nsima is the most popular food here.

Nsima is made by mixing per-measured of water with maize or cassava flour.  Malawi is a landlocked country. Nsima is the staple food for Malawians.

The other food that people eat in Malawi include rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, sugar canes, beans, mangoes, bananas, oranges, macadamia nuts, fish, birds, and mice.

In adequate maize in the country leads to Malawi food crisis


In this post I have answered the following questions;

Is Malawi a country?

Where is Malawi located in Africa?

Where is Malawi located on the map?

What do people eat in Malawi?

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