Starving Children in Africa

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The challenge of starving children in Africa is a great concern . This story of starving Kids in Africa is one of the saddest stories from the continent.

There many starving children in Africa. One sad story of the continent is about the starving kids in Africa. Kids in Africa are living in tough, unimaginable conditions.

They lack the necessities of life, such as education, good health care, and clean water. The worst of all the problems children in Africa face is a shortage or lack of food.

Hungry children in Africa are everywhere, both in rural and urban areas. As of now there are many African children in need of help.

Malawi is one of the countries found in the sub-Sahara Africa, where problems of malnutrition are high. The country depends on rain fed agriculture; however, the challenge is that many poor people do not harvest enough food. Most of the times rural life in Malawi is hard hit by shortage of food.

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As a result of starvation the poor African child resorts to street begging. And many others do not complete their primary school education. Subsistence farming is common among poor people in the country, but due to lack of farming resources they do not harvest enough maize.

Even though the government provides subsidized farm inputs to poor people, hunger still remain a challenge for children from poor family.

The other problem comes because of bad weather which further reduces the amount of food per household. Frequent droughts and erratic rains pose a threat to food sustainability at household level and national level.

A typical poor African mother’s concern is on “how I am I going to feed my starving children”. And when all is failing poor people think of finding someone to sponsor their children.

Anyone who decides to start sponsoring a child in Africa is like an angel among the poverty-stricken families. African children in need of food would feel happy for any help given to them.

Sponsoring a child in Africa to find food would be an answer to the prayers of many people in the continent. Starving kids in Africa are in need of energy and protein rich food stuff. Millions of kids in Africa are starving, especially in countries like Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

The rising temperatures due to global warming and erratic rains contribute to the scarcity of food for poor families. Some reports show that floods which occurred in the 2016 affected food security in Malawi. The floods in the southern region swept most of the maize crops which are the staple food in the country.

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As a result, people in the affected areas had to depend on donations from well-wishers as most of their crops were carried away with water. According to the World Food Program (WFP) 14 million are facing hunger in Africa. Poor African children will be more affected with the hunger situation.

For example, in Kenya alone 19, 000 children under the age of five faces the problem of malnutrition (savethechildren report). In addition to natural occurrences mentioned, poor African child is starving because they are orphans. Number of orphans in Africa is rising drastically over recent years.

The number of orphans is increasing because the numbers of people who die due to the HIV/AIDS are also high. The consequence of increased numbers of deaths due to the pandemic means that more children are becoming orphans every day.

On the other fortunate orphans go to orphan care centers where well-wishers take care of the orphans.

The bottom line is that starving children in Africa need more support now than ever before.

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