10 Marketable Degree Courses in Africa-Malawi

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This post shows  10 marketable degree courses in Africa-Malawi job market in 2017. As much as some people study for other reasons, the majority of people go to college to study so that after graduation they should find good jobs.

It is important for prospective university students to do thorough research on the courses they wish to study at college. This will help to avoid the disappointment that may arise when one finishes the studies but fails to find a relevant job within his or her career filed.

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Students who study marketable degree courses at college/university have an upper hand in finding a job after graduation.  Below are some of the marketable degree courses that are marketable in Malawi.

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  1. Medicine/nursing/public health

Most Health related courses are marketable. As long as people get sick the demand for medical services will always be there. Top on the list is medicine. Graduates with degrees in medicine have high chance of finding jobs. Salaries for medical doctors are also much better than in many other fields. Within the health industry the demand for nurses and graduates with degrees in public health is also high.

  1. Economics/Accounting/Finance

Services for Economists are sort after in different sectors of the economy. Hence, this makes economics to be one of the most marketable courses in Malawi. Economists are paid decent salaries. Qualifications in finance and accounting are also very marketable.

  1. Computer science/IT/computer engineering

Technology is a fast growing industry which demands highly skilled labor.  The demand for computer wizards is ever soaring both locally as well as globally. People with good qualification in computer science, computer engineering, IT, ICT have more chances of getting jobs after graduation. There are many areas which require services of computer and IT experts both in public and corporate world.

  1. Law

Lawyers are among the most fortunate job seekers. Many companies, organizations and constantly individuals require services of legal experts. Admission to law school is very competitive hence there are few who have the law digress. As such it is easy to find legal jobs. Lawyers may work as judges and their salaries are lucrative.

Institution where one can study law in Malawi is Chancellor College.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a well-paying profession. Many tertiary institutions don’t offer this course to degree levels hence those with such qualifications have high opportunity to get a job. M&E is experts work in international organizations that pays decent salaries.

  1. Mechanical/civil/electrical engineering

Admission to engineering courses is for people who are comfortable with solving mathematics and physics. People who are not good at mathematics find this course to be tough. However, this is an opportunity for them that are very competitive in mathematics to have marketable skills.  Once they graduate engineering professions can find better paying jobs or start their own profitable enterprises.

Institution where to learn engineering: The Malawi Polytechnic

  1. Human Resources

Demand for human resource officers is high. Job openings for human resource personnel are very common even in newspaper ads.  People with degrees in human resource management have high chances of finding jobs after graduation. One of the duties of human resource personnel at an institution is recruiting the right stuff for institutions.

  1. Business administration/management

The business world requires competent and highly qualified personnel to run or manage institutions.

  1. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals are important in for profit businesses. By putting a great sales and marketing team in place companies are assured of making progress. As such many companies require the services of professional sales and marketing personnel. Hence, this helps to increase job opportunities for qualified people.

  1. Mass communication and journalism

Finally we have mass communication and journalism as one of the 10 marketable degree courses in Africa-Malawi. People consume information on daily basis. And no one can be suited for the task of keeping the masses informed, entertained and educated other than the journalists. People with Journalism qualifications have several areas where they can work.  In addition to traditional journalism there is high demand for online journalism in the present days than was the case previously.

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Conclusion on 10 marketable degree courses in Africa-Malawi

The fact that many other courses are not included on the list does not imply that all other courses are unimportant. All degree courses are marketable to some extent. However, the degree courses on this list are some of the courses which are in demand on the market. While it is encouraged to study courses which are marketable students also have to consider their passion. Passion is the driving energy for success at college as well as at the job.

Over to you, what do you think are the most marketable courses in Malawi?


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