Malawi Visa Requirements for US Citizens, UK and Malawi visa requirements for Indian citizens

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Malawi visa application process is fast and easy. As a visa applicant you need to complete Malawi visa application application form by filling in required details.

Malawi visa requirements for US citizens are the same as Malawi visa requirements for UK  citizens and they are also the same for Malawi visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Before you travel to Malawi authorities recommends that you first of all obtain a Malawi visa  online. When you travel to Malawi you may also obtain Malawi visa upon arrival on major entry ports. 

A Malawi visa is issued to individuals who would like to enter or re- enter Malawi.

The Immigration department and other authorized government officials are responsible to issues visas. Applicants can obtain Malawi visa application forms from the immigration department or apply online. 

Do I need a visa to travel to Malawi?

The answer depends on where you are coming from.  

A person needs to apply for a visa if they are coming from a country which is not on the list of non-visa country.

However, if you are from a non-country then you do not need a visa to travel to Malawi.

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Malawi visa requirements

Malawi visa application requires that the person who wants a visa meets some basic requirements. I share below some important requirements that are on the Malawi visa application  form.

Firstly, the applicant must have a valid passport which is at least six months old

Secondly, applicant must have a credit card to use for payment of visa fee, payment of visa fee is done after approval

A copy of a color passport

Other required documents


Visa on arrival in Malawi

Immigration officials recommend that you get a visa before you travel to Malawi

Nationals can get Malawi visa on arrival at airports or border crossing.

For instance Malawi visa for US citizens or Malawi visa for UK citizens can be obtained upon arrival at major port of entry in Malawi.

Visa is approved within 24hours  

Nationals can also apply for Malawi visa online


Visa categories

The four categories of Malawi visa are:

Single entry Visa

Multiple entry Visa

Gratis Visa

Transit Visa


Which countries are visa free for Malawi passport holders?

Below is a list of some nations whose nationals do not need a visa to enter Malawi

Antigua and Barbuda









Hong Kong

Israel Jamaica









South Africa



St Lucia





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