Send Money to Malawi Conveniently; 7 Methods Available

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Send money to Malawi using any of the means described in this blog post.

What is the cheapest way to send money to Malawi?

Is there any a best way to send money to Malawi?

Malawians in diaspora sometimes find out that they are in a situation where they need to send money to Malawi. When there is that need to send money home to Malawi the above two questions tend to come to mind.


Malawi as a developing country has its unique problems as well as opportunities. One  challenge that people outside the country face is how to send money to Malawi.

Unlike in developed countries where it is easy to send money online or using many other options, in Malawi things are different.  Transferring money to Malawi from overseas is not as easy. The transaction fees are also high in many instances.

The challenges that exist when people want to send money to Malawi are partly due to the government strict monetary policies. In Malawi. there Tare strict regulations to protect the scarce local currency. As a result of the said government policies it is hard to send money to Malawi.

The challenge also happens when people want to transfer money from Malawi to overseas.

Consequently, people in other countries have few alternatives to use whey they want to send money to Malawi. 

In this blog, i share with you seven means of transferring money to Malawi

Worldremit Malawi

When sending money to Malawi Worldremit is one of cheapest methods. The transaction fees are lower than many other means.  

Furthermore, with Worldremit the transaction is fast, the receiver can collect the cash in just minutes.

Not only, the other advantage of world remit is that it has wide range of collection points, which include NBS Bank, Victoria Forex Bureu, and Mukuru.

To send money through WorldRemit you need an email address.

While Worldremit is relatively a new company, I guarantee many Malawians have already fallen in love with it.

If you haven’t used it before, I implore you to try it! 


Before, I heard of WorldRemit, I only knew PayPal as the only means of sending money to Malawi. 

I like PayPal because many merchants and people around the world consider it as their first option. Furthermore, PayPal can easily be integrated on websites so that the user is able to receive donations or receive payments online.

In order to use this service the sender and the receiver both need to have PayPal accounts. Once the money is received into once account the money can be withdrawn from selected banks

It is cheap way to send money to Malawi and the rest of the world using PayPal. With PayPal people are able to send each other money even if it is a small amount, even a single dollar.

Many people choose PayPal as a way of sending money to Malawi because it is instant, reliable, secure, and have reasonable transaction fees.

While PayPal services are available in Malawi the number of users is still small.

PayPal is my favorite means of receiving funds from abroad.

Read this article here on how to create a PayPal account in Malawi

Direct Bank Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is another way to send money to Malawi. This involves sending money directly to the bank account of the receiver.

The sender deposits the cash at a bank in the other country directly to the recipient bank account in Malawi.

Sending money through direct wire transfer is safe and convenient but the transaction fees are a bit higher.

Wire transfer may sometimes take more than 24 hours for the sum to reflect in the receivers account.  

It however, a good means when transferring large sums which may not be possible with other means on the list which have lower limits.

Send money to Malawi through Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union money transfer is one of the oldest way people use to send money to Malawi.

The sender deposits the money to western union  from the oversees country, and then the money is withdrawn in selected western union depots in Malawi.

Send Money to Malawi Moneygram

MoneyGram is another way to send and receive money in Malawi. It used by money people who send to money to Malawi from different countries in the world.  

MoneyGram is an international money transfer service that is fast and safe way to receive money worldwide. Money is transferred instantly and is ready for collection within ten minutes.

In order to receive money there is no need to have a bank account, but if a person needs to send money they need to have a bank account.

Send money through Mukuru

Mukuru is a modern way people send money from other countries to Malawi. People can send money to Malawi from South Africa or UK using mukuru. I like mukuru because they have several collection points across the country. 

After the money is sent the receiver collects the money from Mukuru agents that are found in many places. People are also able to receive money to their mobile phones through TNM Mpamba service.

Mkuru is one of the commonest means Malawians is South Africa use to send money back home to family and friends. 

Send money to Malawi through Airtel Money

Airtel money mobile money service allows people to send or receive money in Malawi from other African countries. With Airtel money account people can send money to Malawi from South Africa.  

Sending money Malawi through Airtel Money is quick and secure.  To send money to Malawi through Airtel money you have to use a register Airtel Money number or deposit the money at an agent.

Over toy you!

What is your favorite means of sending money to Malawi or receiving money from abroad?


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