How to Create a PayPal Account in Malawi in Less than 10 Minutes

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How to Create a PayPal Account in Malawi is one of the most popular questions people ask one another in Malawi online.  It’s easy to create a PayPal account in Malawi now than a few years ago. PayPal Malawi allows easy sending and receiving money across the globe. It is the most popular and convenient way of sending and receiving money online. Many people globally trust PayPal. Fortunately, enough PayPal is also available in Malawi among other African countries.

Malawi Postal Code for PayPal and Bank Linking Challenges

When it come s to PayPal in Malawi there were two major setbacks namely, lack of postal codes for Malawi and inability to link PayPal account to a bank in Malawi. These two challenges no longer exist.

As at the time of writing this blog there are no postal codes for Malawi. There is no such thing as a list postal codes for Malawi or postal codes for Blantyre or any other city. Lack of postal codes was once a challenge for people to create a PayPal account in Malawi. However, things have changed for the good of us all. To create a PayPal account in Malawi you no longer need postal codes. It is now possible to create a PayPal account without requiring postal codes.

Read the next paragraph to see the entire process of linking a PayPal account in Malawi to bank account in Malawi.

How to Link a PayPal Account in Malawi to Bank Account?

The process of linking a PayPal account to bank account is known as verification. It involves linking PayPal account to a bank account using debit or credit cards.  Before last year it was hard to link PayPal account to a Malawian bank. However, things in 2018 are better than before. Since now Malawian banks offer visa debit cards it is possible to link a PayPal account to bank account in Malawi using the Visa debit card/ATM cards.

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The good thing about verification of PayPal account is that it lifts threshold limits. It gives more freedom on transacting online. With a verified account there are no limits on funds one can transaction online.  And most importantly is that once verification is successful users are able to users will be able to make PayPal payments using funds from a local bank account.

On the other hand, people can still use unverified PayPal accounts to spend and receive money through their accounts. But without verification, a person cannot withdraw the funds to a bank account.  Instead, they will only be able to receive, send or spend the funds online with some limitations.

create PayPal account in Malawi

Create a PayPal Account in Malawi in Few steps

This section describes the steps to create a PayPal account in Malawi in less than 10 minutes.  Main requirements for someone to open a PayPal account are a valid email address, debit or credit cards for verification, phone number and post office address. A person is also required to provide the date of birth during the process of creating a PayPal account.  Well let’s go to work, right? Here are the steps followed when creating a PayPal Account in Malawi.

First Step: Visit the PayPal website to get started

Step 2: Click sign up for free

Third Step: Enter your email address and create a password

Step 4: Fill in your personal information as requested on the form

Fifth Step: Enter your debit card or credit card information. You may choose to do this later during verification and linking process

Step 7: Confirm your email address

Step 8: Link your bank account, credit card or debit card (account verification)

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How to Link your PayPal Account in Malawi to Malawi Bank Account or Visa Debit Cards

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on Link card to get verified
  • Choose card type such as Visa, Master card or Discovery
  • Enter card number of the card you choose on the previously. The card number is the longest numbers in front-face of the Visa card. In case of Visa cards/ATM Cards, the card number starts with 4500….
  • Enter expiration date of your as shown on your card e.g. 09/09/2019
  • Provide card security code.
  • Click continue
  • Congratulations it’s done!!

create paypal account in Malawi

Once you click continue, PayPal will deduct a small amount (about $2) from the card or the bank account you have provided. The amount of money they deduct from your account is refundable once the verification process is complete.


With PayPal account, people are able to

  • Receive funds quickly from any person with an email address from all PayPal supported countries
  • Send money to anyone in PayPal supported countries
  • Purchase items online
  • Withdraw funds from PayPal account to your US bank account

Note: Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp on +265991230725 if you would need me to help you create a PayPal account.  If you’ve any problem with PayPal I can assist through phone, email, or WhatsApp about any issue related to PayPal.

Please note that I charge a Consultation fee of K4000 for the service. I don’t offer any free help on this outside the blog.   

I have also written a very detailed PayPal Guide for Malawi PDF document. In this guide, I put more details and I have provided answers to common problems that people face in creating a PayPal account.

Some of the questions answered in the guide include

  1. My Visa Card is being rejected. What should I do?
  2. Which bank works with PayPal?
  3. How to transfer money from PayPal to a bank account?
  4. Ways to deposit money into my PayPal account
  5. Where do I get a routine bank number?
  6. How long does it take to receive money from PayPal to a bank account?
  7. What should I do if my PayPal account is unable to receive funds?
  8. How to link or integrate a PayPal donate button on a website?

…and many other very useful details

Request the PayPal Guide for Malawi pdf through WhatsApp on +265991230725 or through email on The price for the guide is K5000 only.

Payment can be done any of the following methods

Airtel Money: +265 99 123 0725 (Also on WhatsApp)

TNM Mpamba: +265 888 37 24 23

NB MO626: Account Number 825937


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