Lets Do Business in Malawi; A Better Way to Reducing Negative Impacts of Increased Youth Unemployment

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Lets do business in Malawi as a way to solve the increased unemployment issues in the country. One of the challenges that governments and stakeholders in developing countries are fighting to end is increased youth unemployment. Malawi like other third world countries is battling to reduce the high levels of unemployment. There are many policy interventions put into place to arrest the challenge at hand such as the introduction of community colleges. The idea is to help young people in Malawi acquire skills that will help them live a decent financially stable life. Indeed, economic independence is a goal of every youth you meet on the streets of Malawi. Out there young people are looking at ways on how to attain financial freedom.

Let’s do business in Malawi

However, the current status-quo is worrisome as so many youths have nothing to do to as a way of generating income. Both the literate and illiterate youths are fighting and battling the consequences of unemployment.

To an extent the blame is put on the education system in Malawi which as people argues does not impart adequate skills for survival among the youths. Yet others put the blame on government and the politician.

While government has some policies that are designed to create opportunities for youths the implementation part of such policies is a challenge. As a result at the end the day the ball is in the hands of the Malawian youths as a group or individuals to solve the problem.


Looking at the present challenge young people should be encouraged to be part of the solution of the existing problems. “As a way to create economic opportunities for ourselves and others lets do business in Malawi ” this should be the voice of every youth on the street. It is important to note that if, young people can start doing businesses in Malawi the burden of unemployment will be minimal. And young people will have freedom to choose the life and style of life they want.

Starting small businesses in Malawi will help improve economic muscles for majority of youths who are just wondering on streets. Instead of complaining and blaming others young people should get involved in different business activities.

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There are many arguments people put forward on weaknesses of the education system in Malawi and the failure of governments to improving the lives of youths in the country. But when all is said and done the burden rests upon the youth to rise up and create economic opportunities for themselves. It is up to youths to agree to say let’s do business in Malawi and work hard so that we improve our living standards. Not only would the youth improve their present economic affairs but they also have the potential to make the country a better place for the next generation.

In some countries young people are leading in embracing entrepreneurship and business. The same should be the case in Malawi because youths are the backbone of the country. The potential energy, creativity, and innovation within youths if well used have the potential to transform the nation. It is high time youth in the country develop positive attitude towards doing business. More youths should be engaged in doing businesses to reduce high rates of unemployment and its impacts. It also means there will be fewer youths wandering in the streets having nothing to do. Bottom line is Lets do business in Malawi

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