How to secure your Facebook account from Facebook hackers

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How to secure your Facebook account from Facebook hackers? How to protect your Facebook account from hackers?

Facebook password hacker! Everyone knows Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Facebook hackers are actively working to hack as many Facebook accounts as they can.

No wonder people get more concerned about their security and privacy whenever they are on Facebook.

Because, once an account is hacked the owner is unsure on how their information will be used by hackers.

In some cases hacked accounts bring a lot of controversies.

There are many ways to secure your Facebook accounts and avoid the embarrassment that may come when your private information is exposed to the public.  Below I share with you some of the ways to use in order to protect your Facebook account.

  1. Create strong password, be safe from Facebook password hacker

Create a unique strong password which is easy to remember but difficult to predict. A strong password should contain at least six characters that may include special keys, numbers, lower case and upper case letters.

Do not use the same password on other online accounts. When they hack your Facebook account hackers will want to try your passwords on other accounts like Gmail and yahoo.

Remember to update your password regularly. Do not use the same password for multiple years. Do not give your password to other people.

  1. Confirm your mobile number.

Enhance your Facebook security by confirming your mobile number. In so doing Facebook will be able to send you an sms message when you lost or forget your password.

  1. Don’t keep me logged in

Uncheck the “keep me logged in option”. While this option quickens the process of logging in to your Facebook account, it becomes a security threat when someone takes your device. He or she may easily log in to your account.

  1. Sign out after use.

Always remember to log out from your Facebook account whenever you have finished an active browsing session. Logging out is very important as far as security is concerned.

  1. Secure browsing

Your account can be made more secure when you enable secure browsing. To enable secure browsing go to

Home > Account settings > Security > Secure browsing

  1. Enable Log in notifications to stay away from Facebook password hacker

Enable log in notifications so that when a hacker tries to log in with your user ID and password you will receive a message notification on your phone about the activity.

This helps you to instantly know that hackers have stolen your password and it is time to change the password.

To enable log in notification

Home >Account settings > Security > Login notifications > Check the preferred action and save changes.

  1. Turn on Login approvals to sat safe from Facebook password hacker

When turn on login approvals Facebook will send you a phone code. If others try to login to your account they won’t be successful because it’s only you who can get the code using your phone.

To turn on Login approvals

Go to more >Security settings >Login approvals on > Enter your mobile number > Enter code and confirm

  1. Set up trusted contacts

Setting up trusted contacts is another way to improve your Facebook account security. This way allows your friends to help you get back into your account when you lose a password.

To set up trusted contacts:

Go to settings > Security settings > Trusted contacts > Add friends > Choose friends (3 to 5).

When you lose a password your friends will receive a code which you can use to get back into your account.

How to know that your account is hacked?

Some of the ways to know if your account is hacked are
  1. Your email address and password has been changed by another person without permission.
  2. Your username or birthday details have been changed or altered. If any other person has changed you account information (username and birthday) then your account may be hacked.
  3. When posts you did not write are seen on your timeline. If you see posts that are strange to you on your profile it may mean someone is using your account. Take action.
  4. When messages you did not write have been sent to your friends, it means your account has been hacked.
  5. Friend requests have been made to strangers. Over sudden you realize many friends requests are sent to unknown people and you start following them, that also maybe a sign that your account security has been compromised.
  6. You are unable to log in to your account. Whenever you submit the correct log in information and you’re unable to login it means your account is compromised. Someone might have changed the account details.

What to do when your Facebook account is hacked?

Has your account been hacked? Immediately visit Facebook help center to reclaim your account.

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