Android background data restriction. How to Stop android mobile data wastage?

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Restrict app background data to save data on android devices. Think of Android background data restriction as a way to serve your mobile data. Do you have an android phone? Are you concerned that your phone uses more data than expected?

If you are one of the people concerned with the high cost of having an android phone, then, you have a reason to read further.

Android phones consume a lot of data even if you are not making calls because of background applications on your phone.

Many android apps need to be updated constantly. As a result they tend to consume data in the background to stay updated.

And this becomes costly when you’re using limited data plans or when the amount of data exceeds your budget.

This article describes some means that allow users to lower the amount of data that the android phone can use.

One way on how to save data on android is by restricting background apps on your phone. Here are the steps that you can do to control data usage when using your android device by restricting background data usage.

Change app general settings (How to save data on android  devices)
  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Select data usage
  3. Choose the app you want to restrict e.g. Google play store
  4. Click restrict background data
  5. Done! Do restrict all the applications that are not actively in use.

Note:  Restricting background data usage is reversed by single clicking on allow background data. When you  restrict  mobile data the apps can still be updated automatically where there is Wi-Fi network.

Modify browser settings

Browsers like Opera and Chrome have inbuilt settings that allows you to control the amount of data apps can use. If you’re using opera browser you can do either of the following;

  1. Go to opera
  2. Move to settings
  3. Select image quality. Image quality is in three categories, low, medium and high. You can choose medium or low to cut data usage. Usually high quality is the default choice. This is one way you can control data consumption using opera inbuilt functions.
  4. Load images option. The other inbuilt option within the Opera browser allows you to turn on or off the load image settings. By default this option is on so that the browser is allowed to load both images and text. However, you can turn it off so that the browser will load text only without images.
Uninstall or disable inactive apps 

Some apps which use data are not important at times for others people. What if you disable or uninstall such inactive apps?

Uninstalling apps which you think you do not need will help to cut data consumption. You can also save data by avoiding the tendency of having multiple apps that do the same/similar functions.

In the case where there are different types of apps which are of the same function simply choose what is best for you.

For instance, instead of you installing three different browser apps (such as Opera, Chrome, and UC browser) you can choose to install Chrome only or Opera. You can do the same for image management apps, Facebook apps, and YouTube video downloader apps.

How to use your android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot

The beauty of Android phones is in their diverse functionality. When you have an android phone you have more than just a phone.

While a person can do many internet operations on mobile phones, there are some activities which requires  PC internet.

You ca use the android device as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your PC (or for more than one PC). This is so helpful if you do not have access to fiber internet or you do not have a dongle with you.

To connect your android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, below are the things you can do:

  • Go to settings
  • Click more
  • Select tethering and portable hotspot
  • Select set up Wi-Fi hotspot (or you can choose Bluetooth tethering if you PC is Bluetooth compatible)
  • Create password (you may choose this option if you want to secure your connections)
  • Save changes
  • Done!! There you go enjoy PC internet

NB: You can also connect the phone through USB

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