Tech Blogs that Accept Guest Posts.List of 110 Tech Blogs

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Tech blogs  that accept guest posts are listed below for all those interested in tech guest blogging.

Writing guest posts has a lot of benefits for online writers.

Tech blogs that accept guest posts have unique guidelines to be followed when submitting a guest post.

There are many blogs that are accepting guest posts. In order to make guest blogging easy I have compiled 110 tech blogs that accept guest posts. I hope you’ll love it.

What is guest blogging?

Before, I reveal the lists of 110 tech blogs that accept guest posts let’s define guest blogging. Guest blogging is a practice where a blogger writes a blog post to be published on someone’s blog. Blogs that are accepting guest posts usually show it on their blog that they are accepting guest posts.

Tech blogs  that accept guest posts. (110 tech blogs sites)
  1. Alistapart
  2. Allblogtools
  3. Alltechbuzz
  4. Axleration
  5. Basicbloggingtips
  6. Blog her
  7. Blogcarnival
  8. Blogengage
  9. Bloggersentral
  10. Bloggerspassion
  11. Bloggertricks
  12. Bloggingcage
  13. Bloggingjunction
  14. Bloggingpro
  15. Bloggingtips
  16. Bloggodown
  17. Blogher
  18. Blogpreneurs
  19. Blogsaays
  20. Blogsolute
  21. Blogsynthesis
  22. Calling allgeeks
  23. Camptalks
  24. Chrisbrogan
  25. Comluv
  26. Computer howtoguide
  27. Copyblogger
  28. Dailyblogtips
  29. Dailyseotips
  30. Digital inspiration
  31. eCommerce insiders
  32. Famousbloggers
  33. Freshtechfeed
  34. Freshtechweb
  35. Gadgetcage
  36. Geekblogtips
  37. Hongkiat
  38. Howtomakemyblog
  39. Iamwire
  40. Idealtechblog
  41. Income dairy
  42. Internetdreams
  43. Itechcode
  44. Johnchow
  45. Kikolani
  46. Labmice
  47. Labnol
  48. Listthemout
  49. ListVerse
  50. Makingdifferent
  51. Mashable
  52. Netmediablog
  53. Netrival
  54. Nukatech
  55. Online income teacher
  56. OSXdaily
  57. Photoshoptutorials
  58. Pragprog
  59. Problogger
  60. Proboggerssuccess
  61. Pxleyes
  62. Quickonlinetips
  63. Quickonlinetips
  64. Readwrite
  65. Searchenginejounal
  66. SEOmoz
  67. Shoutmeloud
  68. Sitepoint
  69. Slickwp
  70. Smartbloggers
  71. Smashingmagazine
  72. Tech Buzz
  73. Tech Patio
  74. in
  75. Techatlast
  76. TechBii
  77. Techblazes
  78. Techcrunch
  79. Techforus
  80. Techfruit
  81. Techgyo
  82. Techie blogger
  83. Techiebloger
  84. Techie-buzz
  85. Techkilla
  86. Techmaso
  87. Technology end
  88. Technorati
  89. Technovalley
  90. Techpluggged
  91. Techpp
  92. Techsight
  93. Techtricksworld
  94. Techwalls
  95. The wonders of tech
  96. TheDroidClub
  97. Tips4pc
  98. Tipsotricks
  99. TodayOnTech
  100. Treehouse
  101. Trickiezone
  102. Trouble fixers
  103. True tech
  104. Tutorialboard
  105. Web and designers
  106. Weblogbetter
  107. Weblogbetter
  108. WorCanday
  109. Wphacks
  110. Wphub

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Why Guest blogging

Guest blogging is important for both the guest blogger as well as the blog owners, who are accepting guest posts. In fact there are many benefits of writing guest blog posts.

  • Guest posts increase traffic.

Many blogs that accept guest posts allow the guest writer to include a link to his/her blog. When guest post is published on a website with huge traffic, some readers click the link to read more from the guest writer. Because of this a guest writer’s blog is promoted. If you submit more guest posts to huge websites your blog traffic increases.

  • Guest posting helps to create relationship among bloggers.

Making relationships online is essential for bloggers and writers. Some sites accept guest posts for free while others pay guest contributors.

  • Blogs that accept guest posts also benefit, because, guest posts adds content diversity.
  • Again it can be said that guest posts save time for the webmasters who accept guest post.
Writing and submitting tech guest posts

There are different ways in which one may start guest blogging. Because there are no specific rules of guest blogging it is recommended that one has to be familiar with guidelines for the specified.

Bloggers accepting guest posts require the guest to be familiarized with their blog style. One thing to consider is post length. Blogs that are accepting guest post have different minimum number of words for posts which they receive.

Guests posts can be sent directly to email addresses as provided on the websites. However, others blogs, receive guests posts through contact forms.  And again some blogs may require you to pitch them with your ideal before you write a guest post for them. There are other blogs that accept guest posts which require you to submit to them a full.

Summary on the 110 Tech blogs that accept guest posts

110 Tech blogs that accept guest posts provides you with the opportunity to choose where to go next as with your guest blogging tasks.  To increase chances of getting your guest post accepted follow the guidelines as outlined on any specific blog. Increase traffic and gain online authority by guest blogging on reputable blogs. Make it a habit to submit a guest post to one blog only. Do not submit a guest post to multiple blogs at the same time.

If you know other tech blogs that accept guest posts or you have a tech blog that accept guest posts then let me know through the comment section. I would like to add more to the list so as to help people wanting to submit guest posts on tech blog sites.

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