MANEB EXAMINATION TIPS: How to Pass MSCE MANEB Examinations and Increase chances of going to UNIVERSITY

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MSCE MANEB examinations are important for secondary students as they are critical in selection to Universities. Generally, students who perform well at secondary level have higher chances of making it to college.

In Malawi there are limited spaces in public institution of higher learning, hence, there is tough competition to making to the University. It therefore unquestionable to say that to pass MANEB exams requires vigorous preparations.

It is observed that many students struggle in Mathematics and Science subjects during MSCE. In this post I will share tips on how to perform well in Mathematics and science subjects to increase chances of making it to public universities where fees is cheaper and there is good quality education.

Choose A Well-Equipped And Stuffed School

The first thing is to choose a good school.   A good school should have enough learning materials as well as qualified teachers. Library books, lab equipment, desks, and good classrooms. Make sure teachers at the school have diploma in education or bachelor’s degree.

When there are inadequate qualified teachers at the school the quality of learning is compromised. If there are inadequate teachers find a qualified part-time teacher specializing in the subject you’ve problems.

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Have Adequate Learning Materials

Every student is supposed to have enough learning materials. For instance, a student needs to have a mathematical instrument, a scientific calculator, rulers, books, and enough exercise books.  Learners need these materials from the first day at secondary school for practice.  It is observed that most students only buy learning materials such as calculators and mathematical sets during exams only. As a result they fail to use these materials properly due to luck of practice in using them.

Eat properly and drink plenty of water.

It is very obvious to note that students who don’t eat enough food fail to concentrate at school. Learning is an active process that requires energy. The brain uses a lot of energy during learning activities such as writing and thinking of solutions to mathematical questions.

Eating well balanced diet is also known to improve students’ memory and retention of information. A balanced diet should include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Apart from eating well students have to drink enough water every day to avoid dehydration.

Do Physical Exercises Regularly

A good student is the one who is mentally as well as physically fit. Physical fitness is attained by doing regular physical exercises. Exercises help to improve the general body wellbeing and mental alertness.  It also relieves stress and anxiety. Some examples of physical exercises for students include jogging, dancing, football, netball, push-ups, martial arts and gymnastics.

Read Widely and Follow your Study Timetable

Read books is the core of studying at all levels. Without reading there is no schooling. It is sad to note that many students do not like to read. There are many excuses given for the poor reading culture among people in Malawi.

However, for a student to be successful during MANEB examinations he or she must read widely in preparation for examinations. It is recommended that students read both recommended text books as well as other pieces of literature like newspapers and magazines.

Apart from books students should study MANEB past papers for practice. Past papers help students to practice MANEB questions and familiarize with the nurture of the questions. The secret is to solve as many problems as possible before the actual exams.

Make sure to have a study time table and follow it religiously. Studying should be done on daily basis. Stick to your timetable.

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Know your syllabus

One important document students need to know is the syllabus for each subject.  The syllabus gives a guide on what a leaner is expected to know on each topic. Its either you photocopy the syllabus or you can simply summarize it. Many teachers have copies of syllabuses and they may help you find one or you can find syllabuses in stationery shops.

Ask questions in class and outside the classroom

Asking questions when you haven’t understood something is a better way to solving the problem. While there are students who freely ask questions to the teacher in class or outside the classroom many others do not ask questions. Some are afraid of fellow students who will lough at them when they ask questions.

However, you’ve to know that asking for clarification is a better way to help you understand concepts in a classroom. It is not a sign of ignorance but an indication that you are following the lessons.  More often the students who lough when others are asking questions sometimes they themselves do not know the content.

Join active discussion groups

The purpose of group discussion should be to encourage each other understanding of the topic under discussion. Therefore, make sure you join group where there is a possibility that you will learn gain some knowledge while sharing what you know. Do not join groups where everyone wants to learn from you or groups where they spend most of the time discussing other issues which are not related to school activities.

Do Practical Work and Experiments

MANEB Practical questions are easy to pass during examinations if you have prior experience doing them.  Try out all examinable practical questions before examinations. Make sure you do not skip practical classes at school and make sure you understand what is going on during the exercise.

Additionally learn how to observe, interpret, and present experimental results. For instance, you should be able to observe colour changes, temperature, and   change of states.  Also improve graphical skills as well as presenting information in tables.

Have Adequate Sleep and Redeem your Time

Sleep but do not over sleep. Six to eight hours of sleep is enough for most students. Make sure you take enough sleep daily. Redeem your time and use it wisely. Reduce the amount of time wastage chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp.

It is good to have fun but always ensure that your studies are not missing out. Also minimizing the amount of time spent watching TV and movies because images use a lot of brain memory.

The minimum recommended amount of hours to study per day is four hours. The more hours you study the better the results, as long as you are within your limits.

Maintain Good Discipline and Behavior all Times

Discipline is an ingredient to success. Avoid joining groups that may lead you into troubles. Students who are well-mannered have more chances of achieving your dreams. Teachers are likely going to support a good behaving student when need arise than a misbehaving student.  Attending classes and writing all exercises is part of discipline.


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