Make money on Fiverr. How does Fiverr works?

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How does Fiverr works? How to make money on with fiverr

Make money with fiverr starting with default $5 Fiverr gigs

Fiver is an online market place where people sell services and products. $5 is the basic prices people sell products and services on fiverr.

Services sold on fiverr include writing articles, books, web designing, graphic designing, SEO, and language translation among others.

Visit Fiverr website to sign up and create your first gig. And start selling.

A Fiverr gig refers to the services one is selling on Fiverr.

Top sellers on fiverr give their gigs a catchy title. Keyword research also plays a role in attracting buyers for the gigs.

Fiverr is one best place to make money online as a freelancer. Fiverr allows freelancers to make money through utilization of the skills you already have.

Make money on fiverr by Buying Fiverr giggs?

Many people buy products and services on fiver from different parts of the globe. If you have any marketable expertise in any field then you can make money on fiverr.

Buyers all other the world are on fiverr looking for services and products. To understand better how people are making money on fiver you have to visit the site and see what other people are selling.

$5 purchases have a processing fee of $1.  Therefore, when an order is complete fiver deduct $1 from the $5 on every sell. $5 is deducted from sells above 20$ purchases

You can with draw your money after 14 days from the day the order was completed. Payments are made through PayPal or Payoneer debit MasterCard. Get a free Payoneer MasterCard through Payoneer website.

Make money on fiverr with the following gigs;
  • Video editing and Graphics designs
  • Writing articles, books, and Data entry tasks
  • Blog installation and SEO
  • Creating adverts, banners, and flyers
  • Tutoring and language translation
 How to make money on fiverr quickly

How quick you make Fiverr money depends on a number of factors.$5 gigs in the low competition categories may sell faster than services in the high competition category, generally.

$5 Tips to make money on fiver quickly.

Find out what $5 gigs others are selling

Visit fiverr website to research on what is selling hot on the platform. Learn from them how they are doing making gigs. This first step will help you to be familiar with fiver.

Short precise gig title

Make your gig title short. Precise gig title will attract buyer’s attention. The title has to include key words which people search on Google.

Detailed description

Provide accurate and detailed description of the service you want to offer. Ensure buyers easily understand what services you are going to offer them. Include how much time it will take to complete the order.

Add best images and videos.

Research has it that images and videos attracts more buyers. Add best quality images/videos about your gigs to receive more orders.

Offer quick Fiverr gigs

Fiverr gigs sale at $5. Time is valuable

To make more money you have to sell more. Hence, it is good great to sell gigs that takes less time to complete. As such it’s better to sell a gig that takes 10 minutes to complete for $5 than selling a gig that takes 1 day for $5.

Utilize social media.

Share your gigs on social media. The chances are someone within your social media circle is interested in your gigs. Increase   the number of orders by sharing your gigs on Facebook, twitter and Google+ among others.

Keep your response time low.

Give quick feedback to customers. When your response time is low, you will get positive rating. The positive rating motivates other buyers and helps you have regular buyers.

Display your gigs professionally.

Fiver gigs require that your display look professional. Buyers want professional services.The best way to show them before they order is by displaying the gigs the right way. Be creative enough so that your gig is looking professional and unique.

Keep learning and improving

Once you create your first gig keep on improving it. With time you will become the master of your gig. Learn from those with more orders than you.

 Quick steps to creating your first Fiverr gigs that people use to make money
  • Firstly, sign up for free on fiver
  • Then, click start selling
  • Go to create a gig
  • Add the description
  • Give a title to your first gig.

The following are examples of fiverr gigs titles

I will install a WordPress blog for 5$

I will post 10 positive comments on your blog for $5

  • Submit your gig.
  • Lastly, Start receiving orders.

Finally, over to you visit fiverr websites

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