Jobs in Malawi: 11 Tips to Increase Chances of Finding Jobs in Malawi

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Jobs in Malawi are hard to find. Job search is difficult even for university graduates. Probably one on the reason is that the job market is too small to match the ever increasing job demands. The government is the largest source of jobs in Malawi. However, with the existing economic downturn in the country the government rarely releases jobs vacancies. Apart from vacancies in Malawi government job seekers also find relief working in private companies as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Currently there are many qualified people who are jobless. It is even said that unlike in other neighboring countries it takes more time to find for graduates to find jobs in Malawi. Finding jobs in Malawi is much bigger burden for graduates than those with lower qualification. On average it takes eighteen months (18 months) for a graduate to find a job in Malawi.

While other people easily find jobs in Malawi after graduation, majority of the people will have to work hard to find a job.   Fortunately, there are some techniques that would increase one’s chance of getting a job. This blog post looks at some tips that would increase one’s chances in finding jobs in Malawi.

Jobs in Malawi

  1. Networking

Be good at networking with the right people within your profession. Good networking will help you to get job alerts, interview hints and give you direct contact to potential employer.

  1. Proactivity in Job hunting

Apply for jobs before they get advertised. Some employers do not advertise to the public about job openings. One best way to get yourself a place at their institution is by meeting them face to face and submitting your CV thereafter.

  1. Keep the CV updated

Update your CV regularly to meet each specific job requirements. You cannot use the same CV for a job at a bank and for a job on a farm.

  1. Follow the Job Trends

Acquire rare marketable skills. Some skills are rare on the job market and they are on high demand. It’s a plus to have such skills. For instance, data analysis using modern software is more marketable on today’s job market.

  1. Flexibility

Be flexible when hunting for jobs. Be willing to work in fields that are not directly related to your academic qualifications. It’s possible for a person with teaching qualifications to work in a bank.

  1. Willingness to Invest

Invest wisely in job search tasks. Be willing to take the costs of sending mails frequently. Sending application letters by post or email requires good sums of money. Printing of updated CV also is costly, but it is worthy investing. Delivering mails or meeting potential employers involves traveling which is also costly.

  1. Volunteering

Volunteer at international and local organizations to gain experience before you get your first job. Even without being paid a person has much more to gain by volunteering. Knowledge and skills gained during the period would be of great advantage.

  1. Search Job Opportunities Online

Subscribe to job listing groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and email subscription to job search websites. Job listing websites like  and, are a good source of online vacancies in Malawi. By subscribing to their email newsletters you will have the chance to be receiving job alerts directly to your email.

  1. Look for Latest Vacancies in Malawi in the Newspaper

Read newspapers for job adverts. Look also on the classified section as well. Newspapers are the most popular means most employers advertise jobs in Malawi.

  1. Develop Entrepreneurship Skills

Create your own job. Be your own boss. Develop your natural talents such as dancing, writing, and acting to make earn a living. You can create a company or an NGO. People who run their own business or organizations have greater chances of getting new jobs. Think of a need to address in the society and a way on how people will be paying you.

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  1. Reading Widely

Read widely to gain knowledge and trends in your field. This comes handy and works to your advantage at an interview when you demonstrate knowledge beyond the sphere of your qualification

You can find online vacancies in Malawi by clicking  HERE

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