How to write a classification essay

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Essay writing can be quite a challenge for many students since not everyone is gifted in writing. While some students thrive or excel in writing, the majority often struggle. However, despite the challenges encountered, essay writing is a mandatory task and every student is expected to be well equipped. There are many types of it and each is written to serve a different purpose. A classification essay is an essay written by organizing or sorting things categorically. The purpose of it is to ensure everything is sorted or organized categorically with the aim of being able to distinguish a particular item from another.

How to write a classification essay

How to start a classification essay

When writing a classification essay, it is essential to bear in mind that you are writing with the aim of organizing things categorically so as to easily distinguish them from one another. To learn how to start writing, consider the following tips.

  • Select a topic. This will give you a starting point.
  • Find categories. This is the strategic aim of writing a classification essay. To sort or organize things in a particular manner, find the categories to put them into.
  • Have a classification principle. This will enable you to explain to your reader(s) the techniques you are using.
  • Choose a strong stance for your thesis statement. This usually includes the topic and how the classification is to be categorized. Include your thesis at the end of your introduction. This will enable you to fully comprehend the principle behind your classification techniques.
  • Have a clear outline. Developing an outline is essential because it will ease the writing process for you. Additionally, a clear outline makes your article flow systematically. First and foremost, begin your introduction with a strong hook in order to provide some specific information to capture the attention of your audience. Secondly, briefly illustrate your categories and the principle behind the techniques used for classification. Finally, sum up your article and majorly explain the purpose of your essay by restating the thesis statement.

How to write the body of a classification essay

The essence of the body of an essay is that it builds up the thesis statement. It allows you to present your classification techniques and categories. According to, it is fundamental to consider the following tips when writing the body.

  • Use clear and precise sentences to begin each paragraph. Each category listed in the thesis statement should have its own body paragraph. This will help you elaborate further on each classification category.
  • Organize your body paragraphs in a clear and logical format. This depends with the order you want to adopt, from the most common type to the least common type or vice versa. It is essential to ensure that the order of your body paragraphs corresponds to the order stated in your thesis statement.
  • Support each category equally with examples. This will help provide proof of your classification techniques and further validate the principle behind. Additionally, it will enable your reader(s) make a distinction between the different types of categories.
  • Point out the similarities or differences of each category. This will help your audience to fully understand the different types of classification categories.
  • Use transitional words and phrases. This will help you provide a better clarity about your paper to your audience. Additionally, they will be able to understand the principle behind your classification.

How to conclude a classification essay

When writing the conclusion of a classification essay, it is crucial to note that it majorly emphasizes on the purpose and the principle reason behind the classification. The conclusion entails a summary of the main points in the body paragraphs. To learn how to write a conclusion, ponder on the following tips.

  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Provide a brief summary of your key points and focus on the effective one(s).
  • Write a concluding statement which explains the purpose of a classification essay.

How to polish a classification essay

Essay writing necessitates the provision of an original and quality work. Revising your article and correcting the common mistakes you come across will guarantee you quality work. To learn how to polish a classification essay, writers at essayzoo blog recommend you consider the following tips:

  • Certify that your introduction has a strong hook which captures the attention of your audience.
  • Have clear and precise body paragraphs which further elaborate much on your different classification categories.
  • Proofread and edit your article accordingly.

Common mistakes when writing a classification essay

When writing a classification essay, you are likely to make some errors. This is as a result of not fully comprehending what is required and not having conducted ample research. Some of the common mistakes encountered:

  • Combining different categories in one body paragraph. Each category has to have its own body paragraph.
  • Explaining your categories without providing examples to support them.
  • Writing your essay without having conducted ample research.
  • Including your thesis statement at the beginning of your introduction instead of at the end.

How to choose a good topic for a classification essay

Choosing a topic for a classification essay can be quite challenging. To learn how to choose a good topic, ensure that you know what a classification essay is and the purpose it is written for. Some of the examples of topics include:

  • Music genres.
  • Parenting styles.
  • Types of essays.
  • Types of movies.
  • Methods of conserving water.
  • Education levels.
  • Forms of leadership.

In conclusion, the essence of a classification essay is to organize or sort things categorically with the aim of being able to make a distinction.

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