Malawi National Anthem; Who Composed Malawi National Anthem?

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The Malawi National anthem in Chichewa is titled  “Mulungu Dalitsani Malawi”. Mlungu dalitsani Malawi means “God Bless Malawi”. So the national anthem is like a prayer for the nation.  It was adopted in 1964 the year  Malawi gained independence from the former colony, Britain. The national anthem is performed during state functions. It is also common in schools during students’ assemblies.

Who composed Malawi national anthem

Michael- Fredric Paul Sauka is the man who composed  Malawi national anthem. Sauka was a highly talented musical composer. His composition for the national anthem stood out the winner of a stiff public competition. The competition attracted compositions from locals in the country and others non-citizens from other countries. On Malawi independence day, 6 July 2011 president Bingu gave Sauka the honor of Principal Achievers. Mr Sauka was born in 1934.

Find below the Malawi national anthem in English

O God bless our land of Malawi,

Keep it a land of peace.

Put down each and every enemy,

Hunger, diseases, envy.

Join together all our hearts as one,

That we be free from fear.

Bless our reader, each and every one,

And mother Malawi.

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Our own Malawi, this land so fair,

Fertile and brave and free.

With its lakes, refreshing mountain air,

How greatly blessed are we.

Hills and valleys, soil so rich and rare,

Give us a bounty free.

Wood and forest, plains so broad and fair,

All beauteous Malawi.

Freedom ever, let us all unite,

To build up Malawi.

With our love, our zeal and loyalty

Bring our best to her.

In time of war, or in time of peace,

One purpose and one goal.

Men and women serving selflessly

In building Malawi

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