Malawi movies; Where are they headed in the next five years?

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Malawi movies are gaining more and more attention each day.

More people show interests in watching movies produced locally.

In attempts to satisfy the local taste in movies, some people decided to translate several movies into Chichewa. It is common these days to find that some Malawians  prefer watching translated movies than those in English or other languages.

This is good news to firm markers as well as to the country’s economy. As Joyce Banda, former president of Malawi once said, if given proper attention the film industry can boost the country’s economy. This cannot be far from the truth because the movie industry is a well-known multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

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For instance, India which is the largest firm producer makes billions of dollars annually from the movie industry. Again in the US Hollywood stands as the largest film marker in the world and makes the largest revenues. In 2016, the movie industry had a gross box office of US$39 billion  worldwide. 

Likewise, the Malawi firm industry has the potential to expand not only to generate revenue for producers, but also, to create several jobs and other opportunities for Malawians.

As it stands Nollywood the second largest film producer in the world creates many jobs for Nigerian university graduates. Similarly, Mollywood has the potential to directly create several jobs for talented Malawians.

Watching some of the Malawi videos on the market one would notice that there is a lot of talent in the country. Talent which if well utilized would transform the economy and reduce the unemployment rates in Malawi of the country.

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It is proved that Malawi is capable of producing movies that can compete at international levels. As we have seen some Malawi movies such as “Seasons of Life” and “Lilongwe” have received international nominations and awards.

How to Promote Malawi Video Production

Financial Support

Even though there are many talented actors and actresses in the country the firm industry fails to grow due to lack of financial resources.

Many producers would tell you that producing a firm is expensive. As a result, lack of funds causes most firm projects to die before they reach the screen. The equipment’s like cameras required to shoot a quality firm are more expensive such that most Malawians cannot afford to buy them.


An actress from “Where my heart belongs”

For example, Michael Usi spent 14 million to produce Kamuzu firm. Thus a lot of money right?
Hence, to promote the movie industry in Malawi the government and corporate sector have to work to intervene.

In countries where firm industry is flourishing word is that government provides necessary support to set up and sustain the industry.

The government has to put in place policies to promote movie production and offer direct financial aid to the industry.

TV Stations

With the coming of digital television in the country people many people watching local TV channels in homes. This clearly indicates the major role TV stations have in as far as promotion of Malawi video is concerned. TV stations should play more local firms so that the movies would reach to a bigger audience.

Team effort is an assert

More than anything else, we should not overlook the importance of collaboration among the people within the industry. Old as it may sound, for the movie industry to grow artists should value the need to work together. Working together in executing movie projects should be encouraged at all levels of production.

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By now we have watched some good Malawi movies.

However, one would think the best Malawi movies are yet to come because actors are now getting more serious about making quality movie.

The Malawi movie industry is heading to somewhere to something bigger than we have seen .

26 Malawi Movies Titles

The list below comprises some of Malawi Movies produced over the years. Among the titles on the list some have won intentional awards.  

Anthu Usana
Choipa Chitsata Mwini
Christian Love
Letters From the Future (Silent change)
Midsummer Blues
Moyo wathu
Mubvi Oyang’anira
My Mother’s Story
My Son
My Tomorrow (Mawa Langa)
Seasons of Life
Street Wisdom
The Boy Who FliesThree Days Apart
The Last Fishing Boat

The Pregnant Man
Town Monga
Where My Heart Belongs

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