Interesting Facts About Malawi

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Interesting facts about Malawi involve around the natural beauty of this  country  and its friendly people. Malawi is located on the map of Africa as a country in the southern African region. Malawi people are called Malawians.

Interesting facts about malawi

The word “Malawi” literary means “fire flames” referring to the incredible sunrise and sun sets that can be seen from Lake Malawi.  Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa because its people are very peaceful and welcoming.

How old is Malawi?

Malawi got its independence on 6 July 1964 from the Britain. Hastings Kamuzu Banda was the first president to rule the country after independence. Malawi is now a democratic country where presidents, members of parliament and local councilors are elected during general elections.

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What is unique about Lake Malawi?

Interesting facts about lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is the 9th largest in the world and third largest in Africa. It is also the second deepest lake in Africa.

It has the largest number of fish species than any other lake in the world. Apart from the economical benefit of fish which is the main source of protein in the country Lake Malawi has a lot of tourist attraction spots.

What languages are spoken in Malawi?

There are over sixteen languages spoken in Malawi. Among these languages the most popular local languages are Chichewa, Yao and Tumbuka. English is the official language and it is taught throughout in schools.

Malawi is the global leader producer of burley tobacco.

Tobacco remains the major source of foreign currency.  The kind of tobacco Malawi produces is used in all parts of the world by major companies. The other cash crops grown in the country are Teac, coffee, macadamia nuts and legumes.

The most popular sport in Malawi is football. Malawians love for football has a long history dating back to colonial days. The love for football is inherited from the British masters who colonized the country before it gained independence in 1964 interesting facts about malawi

In 2012 Joyce Band becomes the first female president in Malawi and southern Africa. Banda was vice president before ascending she becomes the president of Malawi. She ruled the country for two years.

Chambo fish is a unique species found only in Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is home to many fish species than any other lake in the world. A apart  from  Chambo, there is Lake Malawi mbuna cichlids fish species list that comprises of multicolored fishes that are unique to the lake.

There are four cities in Malawi. The capital city of Lilongwe has a population of   1.3 million people. Blantyre is the commercial city of Malawi.  Mzuzu and Zomba are the other two cities.

What foods are popular in Malawi?

Many people in Malawi eat at home. Eating homemade food is common among many people among others reasons because such foods are cheap. Nsima is the staple food in Malawi. Malawians in general love to eat nsima. Nsima is made from maize and cassava flour. The other popular foods are sweet potatoes, cassava and sugar cane. 

Mulanje Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Malawi. It is one of the most common Malawi tourist attraction sites. Mulanje cider is a unique plant that grows only on Mount Mulanje. Mulanje cider plant has a sweet smell. Around the mountain are large farms of tea, coffee, and macadamia nuts.

Malawi has a population of 18.7 million people. The population density is 198/Km2. 80{5808e1736132a1fa864f6fc8b64688fbc0d5d9b8c9ab44aea1223eff99f9c2e7} of the population lives in rural areas. Life expectancy is 60.3 years.

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