Malawi Tourist Attractions Destinations

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Malawi tourist attractions spots are  places of natural beauty.  Malawi is home to some of the most beautiful tourists spots in Africa.  

Travelers say Malawi is one of the safest places to visit in Africa. I would like to assure any person who wants to visit our country to note that people in Malawi are friendly and kind. For this reason our country is nicknamed the warm heart of Africa.

Apart from the people with beautiful hearts when you travel to Malawi you will enjoy visiting beautiful natural places. Malawi tourists attractions places are spread in all the countries regions. 

In this blog I share some of the best tourists attractions in Malawi that I have visited.

Mulanje Mountain Forest Reserve

Mulanje Mountain is the largest mountain in the country found in Mulanje district. It is 3000 meters above sea level.  The most unique vegetation is Mulanje cider which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Top most part of the mountain is the sapitwa. One interesting part on mount Mulanje is Dziwe lankhalamba a water spring found halfway as you climb to the top.

Karonga cultural and museum center

Found in the northern region of Malawi near Tanzanian border. Karonga cultural and museum center is best known as the only place with the dinosaurs’ exhibitions which were found at a nearby excavation sites. It is rich place with historic artifacts. 

Lake Malawi National Park

Lake Malawi national park is part of Lake Malawi. The lake is covers 80{5808e1736132a1fa864f6fc8b64688fbc0d5d9b8c9ab44aea1223eff99f9c2e7} of the country and is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Africa.  The lake is home to over 250 species of Chambo fish. At the lake people finds wild animals like Monkeys, hippos and crocodiles in large numbers. If you you’re thinking about places to visit in Africa think of visiting Lake Malawi.

Liwonde national Park

My friends and I travel to Liwonde national park on an educational visit. The visit to the park was such a beautiful experience one would live to remember. African elephants dominate Liwonde national park. If you are to travel to Africa to see some of the largest African elephants then visit Liwonde national park.

Nyika National Park

Likoma Island

Kasungu National Park

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