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Is it safe to travel to Malawi? This is an important question this short Malawi travel advice blog will answer.

Many people who want to travel to Malawi for the first time require to know if it is safe to travel to Malawi.

Of cause the answer is. It is safe to travel to Malawi with or without family.

Malawi is one of the safest places in Africa.

Malawi people are friendly and kind. As matter of fact, they are more friendlier to foreign nationals than to fellow Malawians.

However, before you travel to Malawi there are some things you may want to know about Malawi.   

Travel by road

In Malawi people commonly travel by public transport.  In cities and towns there are many minibuses and taxis that carry passengers from one place to another. Tourists can also hire cars from car hiring companies. Payment of transport fare is by cash since the use of credit cards is not common. Traveling at night is risky. Most attacks occur at night times. Air transport is available between for people traveling between cities.


Vendors sell fresh fruits at cheaper price than big stores. Lizulu market is a favorite buying place for fruits and vegetables.  Note that Malawians tend to overcharge foreigners especially the white people. It is better if you travel with a local tour operator to get fair prices until you get used to the selling behavior of the vendors. People in Malawi eat nsima as our staple food.

Malaria in Malawi

Malaria in Malawi is a common disease. Many people die due to malaria every year especially under five children. It is good idea to take anti malaria vaccines before traveling to Malawi.  Use of mosquito nets is common way to prevent malaria attacks. In Malawi malaria is most common during rainy season. Sick people who suffer from Malaria can easily find anti-malaria drugs in drug stores.

Beware of theft

Life on streets in Malawi is generally safe for tourists. However, be advised to protect yourself from bag snatchers. Make sure you lock doors of the cars. Valuable items should never be left unattended because they can quickly be stolen. Always to keep cell phones, laptops and traveling bags in safe places. The most cases of stealing occur in the main bus depot at night.

Language in Malawi

There are over 20 different languages that people speak in Malawi. Chichewa is the most popular spoken language in the country. Tumbuka and Yao are the other common languages spoken in the country. English is the official language. As a result most people are able to communicate in English, especially, in cities and towns. Learning Malawian languages is easy when you find someone to teach you.

African Tourists spots

Malawi is home to some of the most beautiful places in Africa. There are many tourists attraction places that will help you appreciate natural beauty.  Some of the places to visit in Malawi are:

Mulanje forest reserve, Liwonde national park, Karonga cultural and museum center, Lake Malawi, and Likoma Island.

Hotels and Lodges in Malawi

Hotels are ideal places for tourists traveling in Malawi. In cities like Lilongwe, Blantrye and Mzuzu there are good hotels for people visiting these cities. There are also many hotels and lodges in most tourists places.  

Places to avoid

Some places are dangerous for visitors.  Places to avoid include political rallies and demonstration areas.  When demonstrations are taking place at times people start throwing stones at strangers in the street.  Breaking of property like cars is also common during demonstrations.

What vaccines do I need for Malawi?

There is potential risk of contracting malaria Malawi. Malaria is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Ensure to have adequate mosquito repellents and sleep under mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites.

Recommended Malawi travel vaccinations you may need are hepatitis A, tetanus, polio and typhoid.

Do I need a visa to travel to Malawi?

All nationals need a visa travel to Malawi if they are from a country which is not on the list of visa free countries. People can apply for a Malawi visa online or obtain the Malawi visa upon arrival. 

See also Malawi Visa Requirements for US citizens and Other Nationals

Finally, let me summarize this Malawi travel blog by reinstating that is is safe to travel to Malawi.  This Malawi travel advice blog ensures travelers  that it is safe to travel to Malawi  either as solo traveler or if you want to travel to Malawi with family. Malawi is one of the safest places in Africa.

Do you want to travel to Malawi?

I would like to help you to make your visit to Malawi interesting and successful.

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