Top 10 Causes of Death in Malawi

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Top 10 Causes of Death in Malawi

Top causes of death in Malawi are due to poverty among others reasons.  Malawi like many African countries faces a lot of healthcare challenges. HIV/AIDs alone is responsible for 27.1% total deaths in Malawi. Some deaths are due to diseases which can have treatment solutions. Lack of healthcare facilities is a leading cause of deaths.  

Average life expectancy in Malawi

Female                       : 58 years

Male                           : 57 years

Infant mortality rate   : 53 per 1000 births

HIV/AIDS the number one cause of death in Malawi

HIV/AIDS is the number one killer disease in Malawi.  A total of 27.1% deaths result from HIV infections. Low condom usage and multiple sexual partners are among the reasons of high death rate due to HIV/AIDS in Malawi. The widely recommended methods of preventing HIV/AIDs include abstinence and faithfulness to sexual partner.

Lower respiratory infections (LRI) 

Common respiratory infections include Tuberculosis (TB) and pneumonia. The spread of TB is common in overclouded environments. In places such as hospitals and prisons the spread of such diseases is high. Smoking is another cause of respiratory infections. LRI claims 8.6% of deaths in Malawi.

Malaria in Malawi

Malaria is the deadliest killer of under-five children in Malawi. According to WHO malaria contribute to 6.3 deaths in the country.  Government of Malawi and other stakeholders encourages people to sleep under mosquito nets to prevent the disease.

Stroke 5.7

Stroke is happens when there is short supply of oxygen and nutrients to some part of the brain. Inadequacy of nutrients and oxygen causes the cells to die within minutes. Stroke requires emergent treatment. Any unnecessary delay is fatal.  


Diarrhea remains a leading top killer disease in despite that it has a simple treatment solution. According to  UNICEF is a leading killer of children below the age of 5 worldwide. In Malawi diarrhea accosts for 4.6% deaths. Dr Queen Dube said many diarrhea diseases are due to unhygienic practices that can be prevented by washing hands with soap.    

Preterm birth complications 

Ischaemic heart disease (IHD)

Ischaemic heart diseases are also known as coronary heart disease (CAD). It is a major cause of death both in Malawi and worldwide. Ischaemia is responsible for 3.1% total deaths in the country Malawi. When not treated CAD often leads into heart attack.

Birth asphyxia and birth trauma

Causes 3.1% of total deaths 

Maternal conditions

Leads to 2.2%of total deaths

Protein – energy malnutrition 

Malawi faces food shortages in most years. High levels of poverty makes people in this country fail to afford well balanced nutrition. As a result protein and energy malnutrition claims 2.2% lives in the country.   

Statistics sourceWHO Country Health Profile

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