7 Nail-Biting Challenges of Summer Internships for University Students

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7 Nail-Biting Challenges of Summer Internships for University Students

In recent years, many cases of internee exploitation came at the front page of newspapers and magazines which have had defied the employment and labor system across the globe. It’s not easy to fix the loopholes in days. The majority of the companies, specifically, those ones which are operating in 3rd world countries are culpable of depriving their full-time employees and internees as well from rights and facilities which they deserve.


From starting an internship to qualifying for full-time employment, every young student has to go through tough time. I am going to share the 7 challenges which have to be taken seriously. They define the problems that can double the complexity and decline the creativity. So, if you are pondering over summer internship at anywhere. This post is the hot ticket for you because it will clear the clouded vision and will let you decide wisely about career and internships.


  1. You have to work long hours than originally advertised
  2. You get little time to get along with other interns
  3. You might be assigned trivial work instead of real work
  4. You could be paid less amount of money for your internship
  5. You could be asked to do extra-work without your mutual concern
  6. You could be assigned projects without proper training
  7. You could be at the dead end of wasting time


1- You Have to Work Long Hours Than Originally Advertised


Summer internships are good for university students in many ways. They get exposure to the new experiences, can improve their skills and could pore over the capabilities to come along in the professional world after the completion of their education. Internship at reputable company or firm is the golden ticket for the students. They aspire to put a foot in the door of big company which offers lucrative salary packages, perks, and health insurance. It’s the birthright of every qualified candidate to reap the fruits of his dedication, perspiration, and determination.


In reality, most of the interns have a bad experience with their first summer internships. It might be a hard nut to crack for the young grads to explore the appropriate company. An easy medium to succeed at job hunting is to create a profile multiple job sites, upload current C.V with correct information and you are set to land in the enterprise of your choice. However, it’s indispensable for an internee to keep in mind that he could be obligated to work long hours in contrast to the duration decided mutually at the time of the employment offer. It’s the first challenge which every applicant must bear in mind and should always be ready to work long hours more than originally advertised.

2- You Get Little Time to Get along with Other Interns


Businesses usually opt to take on interns when they are swamped with projects. In order to unburden full-time employees from work pressure, most of the companies publish an ad for hiring a young guy as interns. Though, it helps newcomers arm themselves with the ins-and-outs of working at a company. It will build entrepreneurial capabilities in them so that they could develop an attitude to lead the pack. In short, an internship is a good way for an internee to orient himself with workplace culture. Alike, long working hours, a thing which could irk a student engaged in an internship is lack of mutual and friendly communication with other co-workers.


So, if you or any of your friends are planning to roll the sleeves up for internship elsewhere, keep in mind, you are being employed for a limited time period which could mean lesser opportunities to socialize with colleagues. Especially, if you are an extrovert and communicative type of personality, it will be better for you prepare yourself mentally for this challenge. Long story short, such candidates can opt for other professions where there is no direct connection is mandatory such as offering assignment help to medically unstable or handicapped students etc.


3- You Might be Assigned Trivial Work Instead of Real Work

Intriguing university students hunt for internship chances passionately and they expect to overrun flaws for better career outlook. Upon their arrival at a company, they are assigned tasks most of the time, which aren’t in conjunction with their skills or might differ from the courses which students, have gone through in their academic years. It is an incredibly daunting shift for them as they are forced to comply with company guidelines for tasks which don’t have any relevance to students’ internship goals. Being employed as an internee is good for the young student but wasting precious time at the company which adds no value to your resume or limited work experience for its own benefit isn’t sane approach at all. Everybody should look for a business which prompts true creativity from internees and full-time employees. Save your time and energy and pick an enterprise which let you test your creativity by assigning meaningful projects instead of trivial tasks.

4- You Could Be Paid Less Amount of Money for your Internship

The internship is the easiest way to nurture the skills. It is challenging and requires you to stay longer at the office, work on the boring tasks and fence off yourself to meet the tiring deadlines. Looking for an internship opportunity with the hope of earning good amount of money is like a wild goose chase. Even, it’s almost a cardinal sin for you to apply with a cover letter showing up the amount of money, you want the particular company to pay you. An internship can help you to meet daily financial requirements such as transportation, food, and accommodation.


An employer wants to invest in employees who could produce maximum results with minimum resources. It overshadows a treachery of most of the employers. An internee has to be clear about his real values, interest, and preferences before landing anywhere for a job. As a matter of fact, you could be paid much lesser for your internship as compared to friends and classmates, but, a good approach would be to emphasize more on learning instead of griping about minimum earning.


5- You Could be Asked to do Extra-Work without your Mutual Concern

If you are kind of personality which can’t put extra weight of responsibilities over shoulders other than assigned ones, then you should switch thinking ng about going for an internship, as it will be full of challenges for you. Being internee demands full-time dedication and it’s true that in most cases, you would be asked to do the extra work tacitly and you will be the one doing that task torpidly. Plan wisely and gingerly for summer internships as you could not be able to make extra money but you are surely going to deal with extra work.


Brianna Smith, an expert academician says:

An internship with the people of value and mission puts you on the roller-coaster ride of experiencing advancement and changes at the workplace, it enables you to carry the lofty weight of extra work and tighter deadlines. So, Jump at internship opportunities and groom professional and mental capabilities’

6- You Could be Assigned Projects without Proper Training

It is the disposition of substandard companies and enterprises to hire young university students at petty packages and manipulate their talent for their own benefits. On the top of that, they don’t offer formal proper training to educate internees about their ongoing projects. In fact, companies don’t train internees because they think that young students are already equipped with skills prerequisite for an employment that is being offered to them. It’s totally unfair for a workspace to carry this approach as it may discourage first-time summer internees.

7- You Could be at the Dead End of Wasting Time

In nutshell, interning is the sane choice for students especially those who want to experiment in the real world, looking for learning opportunities and wants to be good at emotional intelligence at the workplace. This all depends on the stroke of luck because not everybody is gifted to get the chance of working at the company which could be the learning and earning paradise.

Be careful at the time of selecting agencies and firms for an internship, because it could be the wastage of time for most of the students when they hook up with companies that add zero value to their experience. Be ready to face these challenges, if you want to succeed at summer internship and make most of your available time.

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