Stress Free Malawi; 8 Ways To Deal With Stress

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Malawi’s mental health issues are on the rise. The rising incidence of suicide cases mostly among men shows how big the challenge is. While men are more likely to commit suicide, women and young people are equally affected.

stress free malawi

If wishes were horses, one may desire a stress free Malawi where everybody is always happy. However, it will always be just that: a hope. Everyone will encounter stress in their lives. As a result, mastering the skill of stress management is critical to living a happy life.

A variety of factors can cause stress. Relationship issues, financial hardships, and unemployment are at the top of the list. Stress may also result from long-term sickness, work, and business pressure.

Learning to cope with stress and anxiety is thus a necessary social skill in today’s world. When appropriately managed, a person going through a hard time can live a happy and fulfilled life.

The good news is that is possible to manage using various approaches. Everyone can get out of a stressful situation if they put in some form of constant effort.

There are eight techniques to deal with stress on this blog.

Exercise regularly

One approach to cope with anxious emotions is to engage in physical activity. Psychologists recommend physical activity for 30 minutes. Jogging, yoga, gym workouts, soccer, or any other sporting activity are examples of these exercises. Emotional stability requires a physical body.

Meditation and Prayer

Spending at least 10 minutes each day meditating and praying will help you release unpleasant feelings. It aids in the reconnection with one’s inner spirit. It also separates you from stressful feelings. Meditation combined with prayers is a powerful combo for elevating one’s mood. Even if you’ve never meditated before, you can learn how to do so in a short amount of time.

Voicing Out

A stressed or anxious person is more likely to isolate themselves. Isolation is harmful because negative thoughts can easily take over and lead to rash decisions. When you’re feeling stressed, it’s necessary to talk to some trusted people for advice. A problem shared is half solved, as the adage goes. One definite technique to get out of a worried mind and see light at the end of the tunnel is to tell individuals we trust about our issues. Parents, friends, and religious leaders are examples of people who could be helpful.

Book Reading

Reading good literature boosts self-esteem, motivates, and gives hope. Spiritual texts, such as the Bible, are invaluable resources. Self-help literature, like many other publications, is extremely beneficial.


It’s a fantastic stress relief to do activities you enjoy. If your hobby is dancing, singing, preparing your favorite cuisine, or traveling to new places, dance more when you’re anxious. Do more of whatever you enjoy. The more you take part in activities, the less stressed you will become. 

Reaching Out

Blessed is the hand that gives, according to the Bible. It would surprise you to hear that donating is such an effective therapy. You can give in a variety of ways. Sharing information with others in society, volunteering, or simply cheering up the sick are all examples. Reach out and touch someone within your means. Always keep in mind that someone wants to be where you are, to have what you have… to make an impression. 

Stop using drugs and cut back on alcohol use.

One of the most common causes of stress is drug abuse. Another source of stress is excessive alcohol consumption. When you’re stressed, it’s not a smart idea to turn to drugs or drink a lot of alcohol. While alcohol and drug stimulation may provide brief comfort, the issue will inevitably worsen. Avoid drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption.

Seek help from a professional.

Another simple strategy to deal with stress and anxiety is to get support from expert psychosocial counselors. The earlier it is to get psychosocial help, the better. Never be hesitant to ask for a hand.

Every life matters

Good luck!


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