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Kojic acid powder is one of the most effective skin product that any lady should know. It is a natural powder made from corn flour, rice flour, and mushrooms (fungus). Kojic acid is completely natural.

The usage of the powder dates back into the 60’s in Japan where it was discovered. Currently, the powder is found all around the world.

Allow me to point out right at the start that the word “acid” should not scare you. The powder is not harsh on the skin, the acid is skin friendly, it Is an acid which is different for the other acids that we know.

I am writing this post because many people have asked me several questions about it. I will use this opportunity to answer common questions that I get.

The most important question is;

What is the use of Kojic acid powder?

Kojic powder has several uses on the skin. The most common uses include removing pimples (ziphuphu), acne, removing dark spots, removing stretchmarks (makandatchembere), smoothing the skin (baby smooths), melasma (darkening of the skin during pregnancy) and brighten the skin naturally. It provides excellent effects in evening out skin tone.

In removing the spots, stretchmarks, or pimples, it takes about two weeks to start observing results. The powder is the very effective, as such many people loves it.

How is it used?

Well, we all know, no matter how good the product is, the best results are only achieved when the product is correctly used.
Here is how to use kojic powder;

First of all, note that kojic powder is used in very small amounts of less or equal to one percent (1%). Using more than 1% is using too much, manufacturers do not recommend usage beyond the stipulated limit.

Second point, to consider is that kojic powder should be dissolved first before applying it on the skin. The powder is dissolved in warm to hot water or rose water. Take note that kojic powder is insoluble in cold water.

After dissolving (about half teaspoon powder) allow it to cool a little. Then add it to the body lotion that you use. Any type of lotion works, except lotions with hydroquinone. The lotion to mix with half teaspoon of kojic powder should be just enough to use for a period of between two to three weeks. Basically, this is recommended because Kojic powder loses effectiveness with time and the water used to dissolve it shortens the life span of the lotion.

Kojic powder can be mixed with body lotion having less or equal to 1% of hydroquinone. However, to get best results, it is better to mix kojic powder with regular lotion.

How long does it take to see changes?

There is no one size fits all response. 

The time it takes to see results vary from one person to another, because different skins respond differently.

However, on average, it takes two weeks to start observing change. Note that sometimes others observe changes before two weeks while others after two weeks, but the good thing is that the powder works well for many people.

How Does Kojic Acid Work?
Kojic acid works to stop the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the substance that gives your skin its pigment and the more you have, the darker your skin will be. 

Topical use of Kojic Acid will give your skin an overall lighter appearance.

Is Kojic acid safe for skin?

Scientists have conducted a lot of studies on the safety of kojic acid powder. And the results show that the powder is safe for use in the recommended amounts. 

People with sensitive skin can also use Kojic. It recommended not to use kojic on open or clacked skin.

Do not add the powder directly to the gel, cream, or lotion. It needs to be dissolved in water first, and then added to the gel, cream or lotion. Increase or decrease the percentage of kojic acid based on the sensitivity of your skin.

Kojic should be stored in safe place away from sunlight and children.

Who can use kojic powder?
Any adult person can use kojic powder. However, kojic is not suitable for children.

Where to buy and cost?

Kojic is available in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu. We also send to all other districts through speed courier, postal courier, tax or bus.

Price for kojic powder is K500/23g which is enough to use for two to three months.

To buy WhatsApp 0991230725 or click link below to join the kojic group to share experience with other kojic users.


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