How to start a mini importation business with little capital in Malawi

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Start mini importation business with little capital in Africa to make money in 2017. In the past importation businesses were exclusively for big companies. But now everyone can start to buy goods online and resale them.  You do not need to register with the government to start a min importation business.

If you are thinking of starting a business that requires less capital to start then consider min importation business.  This kind of business will enable you to buy cheap items that you can then sell at high price to make profits.

Start mini importation business with little capitalAre you interested to start mini importation business with little capital? A yes means you’re on the right page. One good thing about importation business is that you can start with little capital.  It is not a secret knowing that importing goods from China and the rest of the world is now simpler than ever before.

To start min importation business with little capital you don’t need to travel to China to buy goods. Min importation business can be done from the comfort of your home.

There are several websites where you can buy items at a cheap price then sell them at a higher price here in Malawi.

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Things you need to start importation business in Malawi?

In order to start importing goods from China and the rest of the world you need to have few things at hand. Let’s look at some of the things you need to have to start importation business.

Smart phone or computer

A person has to have a smart phone or a laptop where to use internet for him or her to start importation business. As you may know, importation business involves buying things on websites which can only be accessed over the internet. Hence, the need to have a phone or computer connected to the internet.

Valid Email Address

An email address is a basic need for a person interested to start importation business. The email address is the primary medium of communication between the buyer and the seller. Most trade negotiations and bargains happen through email communication.

Basic internet skills

Be able to surf the internet. Basic internet browsing skills are necessary for a person who wants to start importing items online. Such skills are useful in selecting items to buy and sell as well as for researching information online to find the quality goods.

Credits or debit cards

Making secure online payments is another most important part of the importation business. PayPal is the commonest way of making payments.  For who do not have online payment means this is the greatest challenge.

However, for people who do not have PayPal accounts payments are also made through debit or credit cards. These are cards which allow you to make online payments for the items that you may buy.

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What items to import from abroad?

The number of items to import is uncountable. There are hundreds of goods on several categories that one can buy. But as any other business, as a general rule of tum is that a person will buy things which are on demand. If you choose to impart goods which are not on demand then be able to create the demand.

Start mini importation business with little capital

Some of the items to import are electronic gadgets like computers, phones, cameras, stop watches, and accessories. People also clothes, jewelry, shoes, belts, hair extensions, cosmetics, books, and food supplements.

How are the goods shipped to Malawi?   

Once you have successfully bought the goods, then they are shipped to your physical address which you give for collection. There are different companies that ship goods to Malawi at a fee. Some goods are shipped for free which means that you are not going to shipping fee for such goods. One set back of free shipping is that it take long time (up to 6 weeks) for goods to be delivered.

Min importation websites where to buy goods online

There are a number of websites where you can buy cheap things on the internet.  Keep in mind that some websites have security concerns as such you have to take extra caution when buying things online. Always remember to keep your credit card information secured to avoid scammers stealing your passwords. Below is a list of some trusted online stores where you can buy items for resale.


In the above text I have shared with you the basics on how you can start mini importation business with little capital of starting  in Malawi.Even though mini importation business requires less capital to start, it is very profitable when you buy quality goods that have high demand.

The list of websites mentioned in the post comprises some of the online stores that people across the world trust. However, there are many others which you can easily find through proper research.


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