Richest Musician in Malawi:The Ultimate List

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Top richest musician in Malawi include legend musicians as well as new famous Malawi artists. Many of the top richest musicians in Malawi are male.  Malawian musicians have different means of making money from their artistic productions.  In the past best musicians in Malawi made huge sums from music album sales and live performances. To make money as musicians they had to sell as many tapes, CD’s, and videos as possible.

However, today with the coming of digital music distribution making money from tapes and CD’s is nearly impossible. As such most of the richest musicians in Malawi are making money from live performances and sponsorship.  Apart from music richest musicians in Malawi are known to have other business investments as well.

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Today, professional music promotion is the key to making a fortune in Malawi music industry.  Behind most famous music artists in Malawi is a robust marketing team. Without proper marketing and promotion strategies it’s had for artist to make it on the Malawi music top charts either on radio or online.  

Looking at music from Malawi top 100 list or any other similar lists it is clear that singles dominates other than full albums as it were the case in the past.

The Richest Musicians in Malawi.

1.Lucius Banda

2.Black Missionaries

3.Billy Kaunda

4.Tay Grin

5.Theo Thomson

6.Duncan Gwamba Zwambo


8.Chimwemwe Mhango

9.Skeffa chomoto


11.Edgar and Davis

12.Ethel Kamwendo Banda

13.Eliza Kachale Kauunda

14.Paul Banda


Popular Musicians in Malawi

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In addition to the above list here we give you a list of popular musicians in Malawi

1.Patience Namadingo

2.Faith Mussa


4.Dan Lu

5.Malinga Mafia


7.Sir Patrics

8.Kelly Kay

9.Best Female artists in Malawi

10.Miracle Chinga

11.Zani Challe


The list is based on Malawians social media views of who they think is the richest musician in Malawi. For details on the richest Musician in Malawi the reader is advised to do further research on the topic.  


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We would like to hear your views on the richest and popular musicians in Malawi. Who do you think misses on the list?


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