32 Tech blog sites that earn more than you think. Top earning tech blog sites.

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32 Tech Blog Sites. Top earning tech blog sites that you will love.

Tech blogs sites have high earning potential. You already know blogging is one popular legitimate way of making money online.

Blogging about technology is more rewarding. Tech blogs sites on this list will inspire you. As you will read some blogs featured on this list earn up to $30, 000/day.

Before you read the list let me share with you few secretes observed on most of these top earning blogs.

Quality of content matters

Content is king. Upon visiting the blogs on this list, you will agree with me that they have quality valuable content. These top earning blogs contain very detailed valuable posts. Top tech blogs sites contain hundreds of quality posts.


Blogs on this list show a lot of consistency. They have been there for a good several years.  Some they have existed for over half a decade. Many of the tech sites on the list have a well-defined blog niche.

The lists and How to post

Most posts on these blogs are top list and the how to posts. From such observation one can conclude to say that well written how post are ideal for tech blogs.  It is clear to say that the type of posts one write on their blog have to be carefully chosen.


Almost all top earning tech blogs have best quality images, and podcasts. Good images and podcasts attract more traffic to blogs. Using visually attractive content attracts more readers to the tech blog sites.

Tech blogs sites, a list of 32 top earning tech blog sites that earn more money than you think

  1. Thehuffington post

Founder                                   : Arianna Huffington

Main source of income            : Pay Per Click

Daily Income                          : $30 000

Content                                   : Technology and politics

  1. Techcrunch

Founder                       : Michael Arrington

Daily Income              : $14, 000

Main income source    : Advertising Banners

Content type               : Tech and science news

  1. Mashable

Owner                           : Pete Cashmore

Daily Income                :  $15, 000

Content type                 : Tech and social media news

Main source of income: Advertising Banners

  1. Engadget

Founder                       : Peter Rojas

Daily Income              :  $10, 000

Income source             : Advertising Banners

Content type               : Focus on gadgets

  1. Problogger

Owner                         : Darren Rowse

Daily Income              : $1, 600

Content type               : Blogging

Income source             : Advertising Banners

  1. Smartpassiveincome

Founder                         : Pat Flynn

Main source of income: Affiliate Sales

Content                         : Making passive online money

Daily earning                 : $600

  1. Copyblogger

Founder           : Brian Clark

Income                        : $1,200/day

Content           : Online marketing

  1. WPbegginer.com

Founder                       :  Syed Balkhi

Income/day                 : $700

Content                       : WordPress

Income source             : Affiliate Sales

  1. Entrepreneurs jouney.com 

Founder             : Yaro Starak

Income source   : Affiliate Sales

Content             :  Making money online

Daily income     : $400

  1. Lifehacker

Founder           : Nick Denton

Income/day     : $5, 000

Content type   : Technology and design

  1. Gizmondo

Founder           : Attila Talos

Income source: Affiliate Sales

Daily income  : $ 4, 000

  1. Kotaku

Owner             : Nick Denton

Content           : Video games news

Daily income   : $1, 600

  1. Naupe

Owner             : Naupe

Daily Income  : $1, 400

Focus Content:  Web development and design plus mobile app development

  1. Venture beat

Income/day     : $1, 250

Owner             : Matt Marshall

Content           : Disruptive technology news

  1. Shoemoney

Onwner           :  Jeremy Schoemaker

Content           : Making money online tips

Income/day     : $500

  1. Coolest gadgets

Daily income   : $220

Content           : Gadgets

Owner               : Allan Carlton.

  1. ClickNewz

Owner             : Lynn Terry
Income source: Affiliate sales

Daily income      : $240

  1. Smashing Magazine

Owner             : Vitall Friedman

Daily Income  :  $6, 000

Content           : Web development and website design

  1. Slash gear

Owner             : Ewdison Then

Content           : Electronics

Income/day     :$ 600

20.  John Chow

Daily income              : $550

Content                       : Making money online

Income source       : Affiliate sales

Other top earning tech blog sites

  1. Shoutmeloud

Owner:  Harsh Agraw

Main source of income: Affiliate Sales

  1. 1stwebdesigner

Owner             : Dainis Grveris

Content           : Web design services

Income source: Product sales

  1. Wired

Content : Internet and networking

  1. Technobyte
  1. Thenextweb

Content           : Tech news and app reviews

  1. Makeuseof

Content           : Smart phones, laptops and gadgets

  1. Jonnyfd

Owner             : Jonny From

  1. Bloggerspassion

Owner             : Anill Agarwal

  1. Retireat21

Founder           : Michael Dunlop

  1. MathewWoodWard

Content           : Business and internet marketing

Owner             : Mathew Wood

  1. Car advice

Content           : cars

Owner             : Albortz Fallah

  1. Hongkiat

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