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MANEB (Malawi National Examination Board) is a government body that handles the administration of National exams for primary and secondary schools. It is also the examining body of teachers in teacher training colleges (TTC) as well as for trade test exams offered in technical colleges.

As part of administering examinations for PSLCE, JCE, and MSCE, MANEB has introduced an electronic system for registering candidates and for collecting examination fees. The E-registration system replaces the spreadsheet method, which has been in place for the last seven years.

Using the old system, students were paying examination fees to school administrators who would, at the end of the registration period, send the collected payment to MANEB accounts on behalf of the students at a particular center.

The E-registration is, however, different from the old system because with this new system, leaners (or their parents) will pay examination fees directly to MANEB accounts. E-registration will thus ease teachers’ burden of handling cash while allowing students varied payment options.

This article will give the detailed steps students and parents should follow to pay MANEB fees for primary and secondary candidates for the 2022 examinations.

Benefits of the MANEB e-registration

Foremost, the e payment solution is a positive development because MANEB has adopted new technological solution which is easy to use, secured and efficient. It is also convenient because besides bank payments, students have the chance to pay using mobile payment solutions like Mpamba. Using TNM Mpamba is convenient because students can access it even in remote areas where there are no banks. 

The other advantage of the e-registration is that it eliminates the risks of student examination fees, landing on fraudulent school administrators. With the old system, some school administrators, especially in private schools, were collecting examination fees from students but not sending payment to MANEB. In such cases, students were victims as they would not sit for exams or MANEB would withhold results for such a school if the school had unsettled balance.

E-registration will also be less involving for teachers handling examinations issues since the web-based portal has simplified most tasks. With the new system, the teachers’ duty will be narrowed to imputing students’ personal details, uploading photos for IDs and downloading invoices for the candidates.

In the end, the system is not only serving teachers’ time, but is also less costly for the school. Since with the new system, teachers will no longer be required to take students’ documents to MANEB offices in Zomba or to their regional offices. The system scraps off all travels that were previously part of the registration process.

Steps involved in Making E-Payments to MANEB

In the first place, they register the student at the school where he/she will sit for the examinations. Students provide personal information including date of birth, district of origin, subjects they want to sit for and a passport photo to be used for ID production.

When all they submit the information to the teacher, the responsible teacher will upload the data on the MANEB e-registration portal.

The portal will produce a unique invoice for a student. Appearing on the invoice will be all students’ bio-data, the subjects selected, and the total bill to pay to MANEB. Contained on the invoice will be an invoice number to be used to make a cash deposit at the bank or through TNM Mpamba.

Once payment is through, the online system will automatically change the student status to ‘paid’. This means the system has duly registered the student as a candidate to sit for the exam. If a student hasn’t paid the fees until the closing date is due, that student cannot sit for the examinations.

Steps to be followed for each of these platforms are:

NB Mo626ice 

Step 1 :Dial *626#

Step 2: Choose Account 

Step 3: Enter pin

Step 4: Select 3 – Make Payment

Step 5: Select 6- Tuition / Fees

Step 6: Select 7- MANEB 

Step 7: Type invoice number

NBS Easy Bank

You can use 

a. EasyMobile 322- Dial *322#

b. EazyWapp- WhatsApp banking say ‘ Hello’ to 0885700322

c. EasyWallet – Dial *322#

d. EasyApp- download NBS App on Playstore or IOS

After logging in

Step 1:Select 6 for payments

Step 2: Select 5 for MANEB payments

Step 3: Select 1 to manually enter details

Step 4: Enter the invoice number

Step 5: Confirm if student name and amount are correct

For NBS Bank Pafupi agent should 

1. Select 7 for payments

2. Select 5 for collections 

3. Select 1 for MANEB payments

4. Select 1 to manually enter details

5. Enter the invoice number

6. Confirm if student name and amount are correct

TNM Mpamba

Step 1: Dial *444#

Step 2: Select 4- Payments

Step 3: Select 8 Government payments

Step 4: Select 3 MANEB

Step 5: Enter invoice number

Step 6: Enter the amount

Step 7: Confirm transaction details 

Step 8: Enter pin

An SMS will be sent after the transaction is successful

The deadline for examination fees e-payments is 12th March 2022

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