Jobs in Malawi; 9 Marketable Careers Courses

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Jobs in Malawi are scarcer in 2021 than ever before. There are more qualified people who remain unemployed. This is a sad reality.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, which means more and more people will need a job to earn a decent living. According to IMF reports, 50.7 percent of Malawi’s population lives below the poverty line. At least a quarter of the population is impoverished.

Looking at the figures above, it’s not surprising that many are considering going to school with the aim that, after graduating, they can secure a job and get out of poverty. For some Malawians, school is, without a doubt, one of the most effective instruments for lifting them out of poverty.

jobs in Malawi

More than half of Malawi’s population is concerned with the rising unemployment rates. There just aren’t enough job openings to fulfill the tremendous demand among fresh graduates. Every year, hundreds of youths graduate from schools and universities, hoping to find work. While people good at networking may find jobs in Malawi easily, it is difficult for many others.

How hard is it for the graduates to get jobs?

A university graduate in Malawi spends an average of eighteen months or more looking for work. This is significantly worse than in other African countries, where the time to get work is less than eighteen months.

The government has made advances in recent years in addressing the problem of high unemployment by providing internship opportunities for young graduates. Such efforts, however, are a drop in the ocean. For many people, job shortage is a major issue.

While authorities attempt to tackle the problem for the greater good, there are a few things that potential employees should be aware of when choosing a career path.

It’s crucial to understand that some courses have a higher likelihood of landing a job than others.

However, it is apparent that some courses are in higher demand than others among employers.

As a result, potential employees should research career trends in Malawi before enrolling in a specific university program.

On the one hand, it’s disheartening to realize that some students attend university, graduate, and then discover that few companies are interested in their academic skills. No one wants to go through a depressing situation like this.

In other fields, graduates have the advantage of companies looking for them.

Monitoring and Evaluation jobs in Malawi

Every week, multiple NGO jobs in Malawi are listed in publications. There isn’t a week that goes by when there aren’t job postings for M&E professionals.

It is presently one of the most lucrative professions in the country. If you want to have a simple job search after graduation, now is the time to study it.

Experts in M&E work in a variety of disciplines where project monitoring and evaluation are carried out. Donor-funded projects are more likely to use it.

IT/ICT/Computer science

The world is becoming more and more connected to computers and the Internet. A technology revolution is sparing no department. From banking, farming, medicine, to engineering, every office is requiring more advanced technologies to increase efficiency and productivity.

As a result, this increases the demand for IT/ICT and computer scientists. It is a new field that is gaining attention globally and there is no sign demand will slow down on the job market soon.

By studying any of these, a person has more chances of getting a job in Malawi.

Statistics Jobs in Malawi

Another prominent topic of study that is in high demand is statistics. In Malawi, statisticians can find plenty of work.

If you’re skilled in mathematics, plan to study statistics. You’ll be more confident in research and other fields if you do.


We know the branch of economics that deals with the efficient use of resources as economics. Many organizations post job vacancies for economists with various qualifications.

Economists have a wide range of skills and can accomplish a variety of tasks because of their comprehensive knowledge base.

An economist can operate in a variety of settings, including banks, ministries, consultancies, and other professions such as statistics.


In practically any country, medical experts are in high demand.

Clinical medicine, radiography, optometry, the medical laboratory, surgery, and mental health are all part of the medical sector.

These are high-demand fields in both the public and private sectors.

Public Health

Another profession that is currently in high demand in the country is public health. If you’re interested in public health, this is one course you should take.

The college of medicine offers a public health course. The number of people graduating each year is a fraction of the demand for services.

If you enroll in this course, you will have a good chance of landing NGO positions in Malawi. This would be one of my top priorities if I pursued a fresh course at university.


People in every society will get discouraged at some point. They settled some legal disputes outside of the courts, but others wind up in them.

Almost every large corporation has a legal department that advises it on how to operate legally.

Unlike many other courses, studying law has the advantage of only being offered by one approved college in Malawi.

This is beneficial since it means that the number of legal graduates is regulated, preventing the market from being saturated.

As a result, lawyers will charge reasonable fees and will have an easier time finding work in Malawi.

As a result, finding a work as a lawyer is easier than finding a job in other professions. 

Human Resources Management (HRM)

In Malawi, there are many job openings that require business administration qualifications.

In Malawi, people with a Master of Business Administration from a reputed institution have a better chance of getting work. The Malawi Polytechnic provides this course.

Business Administration

Other jobs in Malawi require business administration qualifications.

In Malawi, people with a Master of Business Administration from a reputed college have an easier time getting work. The Malawi Polytechnic offers the programme  


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