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Malawi super league teams offers entertainment for football lovers in Malawi.  Football is the most popular sports in Malawi.  As such there are many Malawi sports lovers who fill stadiums mostly during weekends to watch live football matches. The country is a member of international bodies is like FIFA. The most popular sports in Malawi are football or soccer and netball. The interests Malawians have toward soccer traces back to its colonial history.

Malawi was a British colony. Though, it is now an independent republic it has many inherent influences from the colonial masters. Malawi inherited soccer from the British. Football is the most popular sports in Malawi.

There are many football clubs in Malawi than they are in other kinds of sports. Soccer is played by various people starting from school boys in the village to top footballers in the national team.

Main Football activities are run by of Sports Council and Football Association of Malawi (FAM) which fall under the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture. Football lovers in the country enjoy games which are played by super league teams.

The Malawi national football team has a nickname of the “Flames”.

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Malawi Super league teams

The list is in alphabetical order.

Some of these teams are among the top richest football clubs in Malawi.

The richest football players in Malawi also play in the super league teams. Some top football players in Malawi play in other African countries mainly South Africa and Mozambique.

Azam Tigers

BeForward Wanderers


Dwangwa United

EPAC United

Kamuzu Barracks

Max Bullets

Moyale Barracks

Mzuni FC

Nyasa Big Bullets

Premier Bet Wizards

Red Lions

Silver Strikers

Malawi super league table shows match fixtures for games that have been played or are to be played. TNM super league is the largest premier  league in Malawi.

What kinds of sports are popular in Malawi?

The  kinds of sports that are popular in Malawi includes the following.

Football (soccer)


While netball is not as popular as is football, it has put the country on the map. The Malawi netball national team is one of the best netball teams in the world. The national netball team is popular known as “the Queens”.












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Malawi sports success story 

When talking of Malawi sports success netball deserve a special mention.  While netball is not as popular as is football, it the kind of sports that has put the country Malawi on the world map. The Malawi netball national team is one of the best netball teams in the world.

The Malawi national netball team popular known as “the queens” has participated in several international trophies. Among some include the COSANA cup and the Commonwealth champions. “The Queens” is among ranks among the top 5 best netball teams in the world. The Malawi netball team is also among the best top three teams in Africa.

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