Jobs In Malawi And Vacancies: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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Jobs in Malawi are very scarce. Demand for jobs in Malawi far much exceeds the supply. As a result, it is very hard for some people to find jobs in Malawi. The unemployment rate in Malawi so high. 

As it stands, the government is the main employer in the country. Other people get employment from corporate institutions, in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or in entrepreneurship. 

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Therefore, because of the stiff competition for jobs in Malawi, prospective employees need more effort to be successful. Any chance that comes has to be used because they rarely come.

It is common to hear of people who send over 300 application letters without being invited for a single job interview.  With this in mind, a person invited to attend an interview is luck than most people. Therefore, in this post, we share tips that would increase the chances of getting a dream job.

4 Ways to find jobs in Malawi

Hunting for a job requires so much commitment. There different ways to find jobs. You have to try different approaches until you find a job. Below are some three ways to find latest Malawi jobs and vacancies.

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Malawi nation newspaper vacancies

Firstly, you can find a job by applying for an advertised job. Most institutions advertise vacancies in Malawi through radio and newspapers. You can find job adverts in the Malawi Nation Newspaper vacancies section and The Daily Times Newspaper.  There are people who found their way to employment through vacancies in Malawi newspapers

Online vacancies in Malawi

Secondly, you can find Malawi jobs online. Some organizations post job vacancies on their websites. As such it would be a great idea to start searching for Malawi jobs online to increase chances of finding a job.

To find online vacancies in Malawi may require that you join jobs and vacancies groups on social media. People these days share valuable information that would lead one to get a job on Facebook and WhatsApp.  

Furthermore, people can find online vacancies in Malawi through job search websites. Job websites like post latest vacancies in Malawi regularly.

Therefore, frequenting such sites will increase your chances. Subscribing to their newsletter will help you receive latest vacancies/job alerts in your specialist area.


Networking is yet another way to find the latest vacancies and jobs in Malawi. Making connections with the right persons is another way of finding vacancies and jobs in Malawi. This is useful because some institutions do not advertise their job openings outside their offices. Hence, having links to people within the organisation is a great advantage.

As such to make the job hunting task easier check your contacts and tell them you want a job. Some will be willing to help you. 

You can also increase the chances of getting a job by making applications even if there is no vacancy. Other companies invite people who apply for a vacancy before advertised for interviews.

Creating a job for yourself

Would it hurt to create a job for yourself? Instead of looking for a job some young people create their own jobs and employ others too. For instance, you can start a small business or start an NGO.

The secret is to find a need or problem people have which they are willing to pay for. Then devise a way you would use to solve that specific need/problem.  

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8 Tips for a successful Job Interview in Malawi

If you repeatedly implement the above job search techniques chances are that one day you will attend job interviews. An invitation for job interviews is something you have to take it with all seriousness.

Few people have the chance to attend job interviews, and much fewer come out successful. In order to be successful, a person needs to know what the interviewers are looking for apart from the academic qualification.

Know the company

The interview panel expects a person to know some background information about their institution. Therefore, before you attend interview do a background research of the company history, profile, salary ranges and mission statement.

Update your CV for a specific job posting

Many job seekers make a mistake of photocopying the same CV for different job postings. To increase the chances of getting a job update your CV to meet specific requirements for a specific job. Areas of emphasis on your CV depending on the post requirements.


This is straightforward as someone looking for a job you has no good excuse for being late for interviews. Prepare yourself to reach the interview place in good time.

Dress to impress

Remember first impression matters during interviews. Dress professionally for interviews to give a positive first impression. Your yet to be boss does not want to see you in jeans and T-shirts.

Dress the part you are applying for. If you apply for a managerial post try your best to dress as one. Choose professional dress colours like blue, white, and black.

Practice before the interview

We at times become nervous during interviews. To boost your confidence practice the interview before the actual date. Find someone to personae the interviewer and you play your part as an interviewee Taking deep breathes just before the interview helps to boost confidence.

Good posture

Maintain a confident posture throughout the interview. Face the person who is asking a question. When answering questions look towards the panel. Do not look down on the table as this may be interpreted lack of confidence and low self – esteem.

Shake hands

Extend a handshake with members of the interview panel.

Make sure you know their names as well.

Be grateful

Show your appreciation for the invitation to attend interviews.

7 Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Correctly

What can you tell us about yourself?

Briefly talk about yourself focusing much on work and professional history. This question does not need you of telling the panel about your family. Aim to make the interviewer have positive first impression about you. 

What are your strengths?

This question requires you to talk about your success in previous projects.

What are your weaknesses have?

Everyone has a weakness. This is time you have to express an area of improvement. Identify one work area that you need improvement and tell what you are doing to solve it. Interviewers use this question to know about your honesty.

Why should we hire you?

Focus on what unique things like skills or knowledge you can bring to the job. Demonstrate that you can do the job better than anybody else at the interview line.

What motivates you?

Possibly this would not be money.

It has to be something else more valuable than a paycheck.

What are your salary expectations?

It is okay to tell about your salary range when asked this question. Using background research will help you to come with reasonable salary expectations. Avoid mentioning too low or too high salary ranges. Be willing to negotiate as well.

Is there any question you would like the panel to answer?

Ask at least one necessary question to the interview. Aim to show your interest in the job. Make sure the question you ask leaves the interviewer with good impression of you. 

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