Everything You Want to Know About Malawi Music

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Malawi music is unique in a sense that it is full of energy and passion. According to one veteran Malawi music artist Lucius Banda, Malawi music is so different because it is so cultural.


Malawi music has gone through different stages to reach the present mature status. It has played a great role in political and development of the country. In Kamuzu days Malawi music was highly censured. Because of censorship Malawi songs praising Kamuzu were popular songs of the time.

The coming of multiparty brought the much-needed freedom for Malawi musicians. Through their reggae music people started expressing their views through songs. Most of these songs carry the message of the struggle of the poor people.

Malawi music is a blend of African, British and America music. This is the case because most Malawians are immigrant people. As a result they imported music and other lifestyle from their traveling countries.


At first, In the 1960 Kwela music was popular. Daniel Kachamba was one popular Kwela artist then.

There after Malawian Jazz become popular. Wambali Mkandawire and Chivu Jazz band are some notable names in Jazz music history in the country.

Malawi urban music

Malawi Hipo/hop or urban music is now popular in Malawi.  The Real Elements are the pioneeres of Hipo/hop music in Malawi. The other popular artists in the Hip/hop class are Gwamba, Young Kay, Tay Grin, Tsar Leo and Pixy. Young people dominate the hip/hop music industry. It is popular in youth parties and bars.

Malawi gospel music

Malawi gospel music becomes popular in 1990. The Pope visit in the 1990s left an influnce gospel music in tthe country. The common themes in Malawi gospel music include struggles, and salvation. Christians make up 80{5808e1736132a1fa864f6fc8b64688fbc0d5d9b8c9ab44aea1223eff99f9c2e7} of the Malawi population. This makes Malawi gospel music be more popular. It is popular on Christian radio stations and Television stations. Due to its popularity many secular musicians have converted to singing Malawi gospel music. The Great Angels choir, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, and Thoko Katimba are some of the popular gospel singers in Malawi.

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Malawi reggae music is yet another popular music group. Levison Matafale and Lucius Banda are some of the reggae artists who have taken Malawi reggae music to international standards. The Black Missionaries, Soul Raiders, and the Wailing Brother are some of the notable reggae musicians from Malawi.

Traditional music

Malawi traditional music is popular in rural areas as well during cultural perfomances. Vimbuzagulewamkulu, and ingoma are among popular traditional music.

To a certain extent traditional Malawi music reflects beliefs of the different cultural ethnic groups. There are over eight ethnic groups in the country, out of which each of the ethnic groups has a unique form of music. Much of the traditional music in Malawi is not recorded.


The selling of Malawi music in the past was through disc. However, advancement in technology music is now popularly shared through USB devices. Music downloading sites give access to free music to the people who want to listen and download Malawi music for free. Recently Malawi music has started being sold on Malawian music downloading websites.

The Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA) is responsible for protecting Malawi music. Malawi musicians’ biggest challenge is piracy.  

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