Famine in Africa 2017, the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945

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Famine in Africa affects millions of children as well as adults. Famine in sub Saharan Africa is wide-spread making it one of the worst humanitarian crisis. As result of the number of hungry kids in Africa is increasing at an alarming rate.

Many parents are struggling to feed hungry kids in Africa. As a result the number of starving kids is Africa is increasing. Countries most affected by famine include Somalia, Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen. In Somalia alone six million are at the risk of starvation while over thirteen million are risking starvation in South Sudan.

Keep in mind that famine means extreme scarcity of food in the region. Consequently people suffer from acute malnutrition and the worst that may come is death. Therefore, to feed the hungry children in Africa, the region need support from the world. Without aid many hungry kids in Africa will lose lives. Millions of people will die due to famine if the problem is left unsolved.

According to the United Nations the world faces the largest crisis of its kind since 1945 when the UN was founded. About 20 million people are at risk of starvation and famine.

What causes famine in Africa?

Famine in Africa results from more than just a single cause. Droughts and instability are among the possible causes of famine in Africa.

Droughts and famine in Africa

Droughts lead to poor crop harvests. In recent years droughts are occurring often in African countries. Hence, they negatively contribute to annual crop yields. Crop yields lowers in years of droughts.

The harvest is small in some areas while in worst scenarios all filed crops dry off., hence the harvest is little. End result is that the number of starving kids in Africa rises. Women suffer to find food to feed their children. For instance, the cause of famine in Somalia is due to drought which has affected for the past two years. 

Famine in sub Saharan Africa and conflicts

Political instability reduces people’s productivity in as far as crop production is concerned. During conflicts a lot of bad things that makes people to fail to grow and manage crops.

Eruption of violence sometimes forces people to migrate from their homeland. In so doing they leave their crops unattended for several months. Animals are also stolen during fights and slaughtered by invading enemies. At the end the annual crop yields decreases and prices of food items go up.

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