5 Ways to Expose the Girl Who is Cheating You

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So that one day you do not have to realize with horror that you do not live with an angel descended from heaven, but with a rattlesnake, take a close look at your girlfriend. No, not the way you usually do it. It’s time to use Ms. Objectivity. This is the only way you can find out if your girlfriend is cheating.


You can definitely be considered a big lucky one, if your life was never interrupted by girls , carefully concealing their true self. They are able to pretend to be a completely different person and often conduct an impeccable acting game without any shame. How not to get hooked on a fraud? We will show you 5 signs, by which you can easily expose any “actress”. Today you can find out if she’s cheating​ without help of private detective. Thank`s to us, of course.


Sad, but true: some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity carefully conceal their true nature, showing themselves to the beloved only from the brightest and most positive side. Such a game can last not only months, but also years – everything depends solely on how long your patience and wit  for your chosen one is enough.


She Has Very Few Friends


Any psychologist will confirm the fact that kind people are always surrounded by at least a few friends with whom they try to maintain a warm relationship. If your girlfriend does not have a soul mate, she may have qualities you do not yet know about. Remember: the inability to create friendly bonds also will not bring anything good for your couple. So how to find out if someone is cheating? Ask her about friends and her attitude to friendship in general.


Gently talk to her. Ask what caused the conflict with her friends (if she had any, of course), try to help your girlfriend to restore lost connections. Otherwise, you have a huge risk of becoming her only friend and soon just drown in an unreasonably large flow of attention.


She is Committed to Perfectionism in Everything


Your girl puts forward too many demands not only to herself, but to all those around you. Remember: a person who is more or less satisfied with itself, will react to the shortcomings of the rest calmly. While those who are dissatisfied will behave  with the same exactitude and dislike with others.


Try to convince your passion that no one requires her to be  ideal in everything. Periodically, it’s just necessary to give indulgence not only to yourself, but to others. Do not try to keep everything under control, it’s a task from the category of fiction.


She Scandals with the Attendants


Look: if your girl is constantly in conflict with taxi drivers, waiters or cashiers, then she disdains people below her in status and has emotional frailty. Try to hint to her that her arrogant conversation with the waiter is too noticeable and puts everyone in an awkward position. A normal and adequate person in such a situation will necessarily reconsider its model of behavior.


You can find out if your partner is cheating if she behaves like an angel when you are at home, but since you go to the cafe or restaurant, she turns into a devil.


She Does Not Find a Common Language With Her Mother-in-Law


This item is one of the most painful. Undoubtedly, each mother puts  high demands to the chosen one of her beloved son. But if your girlfriend does not even try to establish relations with such an important and close person for you, then there is definitely something wrong. Gather the will into a fist and become impassive and unperturbed for a while, to come with both women to a compromise. If you do not see the feedback on the part of the beloved, make the appropriate conclusions.


She Constantly Criticizes Someone and Complains About Other People


The nature of the girls is such that periodically they need to pour out the soul, complaining at the same time for any unpleasant situations: the car plug, torn pantyhose, rude boss. But everything has its own limit. Remember: if a single day does not pass without her complaints about any little things or troubles, then it’s bad. A person who is constantly in a quarrel with the world around it, should definitely look for a problem in itself.

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