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How to get a scholarship?

To get scholarships involves a lot of things to be done. The first thing is your choice to start searching for the scholarships. Then later you have to go through different rules until to the end when you send the application.

Getting a scholarship is a dream for many people all around the globe. It is quite involving because to win a college scholarship one has to stand out among a very competitive group. This article shares tips that will prepare you on how to get a scholarship or to get scholarship to study abroad.     

Get a scholarship by putting to use some of the tips shared below. These tips are listed not in any order.

  1. Have big eyes

The journey to getting a scholarship starts with an application. Increase your chances of getting a scholarship by applying to any scholarship that you are eligible. Believe in yourself; be ready to apply for any scholarship that you qualify. Apply only for scholarships that you are eligible.

  1. Watch the closing dates

The early bird catches the worm. Apply for scholarships before the closing date. Every scholarship has a closing date. Be quick to apply.

  1.  Write a precise  personal statement

Write your best personal statement to get the most attention.  Your personal statement is like your sales pitch. The personal statement should be appealing to the sponsors. Give specific examples when describing your abilities and potentials.


  1. Provide correct details

Make sure that your application to send to the right office. Double check that you have the correct details for where the application is sent. Again give your correct details. Cross check spelling errors in your email address and other contacts.

  1. Write carefully and neatly

Fully complete your application with correct details. Answer all questions on provided on the application form. Easy questions should not be skipped. Ensure to avoid grammatical mistakes on answering questions.

  1. Referees and References

When asked for referees, tell them well in advance. Your referees should know that you have applied. Referees are people who talk good of you and your ability. Information for grades is also required. Give your scores for reference. Scores and other references help sponsors to have evidence of your eligibility.

  1. Be willing to spend time online

To get scholarship requires you to make online as well as offline application. These days there are many people who get college scholarships online. You should know how to search information online and how to upload files. Most files are uploaded on the web as PDF files. It’s a must to have an email address for easy communication. Making internet applications is also relatively cheaper

  1. Search for scholarships in different places.

There are many ways of finding scholarships. Check scholarships on the internet. Look for scholarships in churches, NGO’S, local newspapers and universities websites. You may also find out from people who are studying abroad to help you on your search. Ask from people around who may know about scholarships, don’t be shy!

  1. Have travel documents and other documents ready. If you want to get a scholarship abroad make sure you have a passport or Visa ready with you.
  2. Ask for clarification from the sponsors

Whenever you are stack in the process of applying feel free to ask from the office of the sponsors. The rule is to complete the application fully without skipping a step. Where you do not understand please you email address or phone calls to seek clarity.

  1. Identify sponsors goals to get scholarships

All sponsors have their unique goals. Identify their goals and make sure that your easy is in line with the sponsors goals. 

  1. Make hard copies of any scholarship you’re making in ca se something happens. Have backups for documents you have for reference purposes.
  2. Have someone proofread your application before submission. Having another person go through your application will help to correct minor mistakes that might have been made.
  3. Lastly, don’t become discourage if you don’t win right away. While chances are that one can get a scholarship at one attempt, reality for many people is that others will have to make more than one application to get a scholarship. Keep on applying until you get a scholarship. Do not give up.


In this post I have shared with you some of the tips that you may need if you want to get a scholarship. The 14 tips shared above answer the question how to get scholarships? 

Over to you, start applying now!! 





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