Tech startup ideas that need less capital to start in Malawi

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Tech startup ideas that need less capital to start in Malawi

Tech startup ideas are for aspiring entrepreneurs. Is there a business to start in Malawi with small capital? One common question among Malawians is on what business to start with small capital in Malawi. There exist many business opportunities which requires a small capital to start. Deciding to start a business in Malawi with a small capital is right choice for many. The lists I have compiled here include low-income businesses that you can start in 2016. These businesses do not need large investments in infrastructure. Below is the list of tech startup ideas to which need less capital in Malawi.

Web designing

First on the list of tech startup ideas  is web designing. Web designing is a lucrative business that requires less capital to start. If you are a coder you can make more money by designing quality websites for clients. As the number of internet users increases, more websites are to be uploaded on the web. This is an ever increasing opportunity for web designers to make money by creating quality responsive websites for both local and international clients.

Secind on this list is Web hosting

Starting your own web hosting require less capital. With $100 one can start reseller hosting by partnering with large international hosting companies. To start a web hosting company one has to be an expert programmer. Demand for hosting services is on the rise, as more websites and blogs are being created in Malawi. Offering hosting services whereby users will be paying in local currency is a highly profitable business.

Followed by Graphic designing

Graphic designing is another money spinning business that requires less capital.  Designing logos for corporate companies, wedding cards, invitational cards, lovely cards, gift cards and birthday cards is another way of making money in Malawi. Graphic designers have unlimited earning potential as there are too many opportunities available out there.

Then, Online tutoring

Many people are now going online to learn new skills and acquire new skills. Online tutoring is a great way to make money online in Malawi. Everyone skilled on a specific topic can start offering the services online to potential clients. Online tutoring  on topics like; how to make soap, personal financial management, how to start business, how to buy a car online and many more.

Next is E commerce

E-commerce is of of the tech startup ideas in Malawi. There is high expectation that in years to come online market will take the place of the current flea markets. People will start to sell and buy more and more online. Creating a secure e-commerce site with good user experience is another business to start with low capital in Malawi. You can also start selling other’s goods online and get commissions per sales made. Items like cars, computers, and cell phones sale quickly online.

Additionaly there is E – libraries

Education is a key to success for many Malawians. Many people prefer reading materials online. Creating a digital library stocked with many books loved by Malawian readers is another business that would need less capital.   Currently there is no competition for digital libraries in Malawi.

Consulting services

Good for experienced professionals who can start consulting services to the public. To stand out in this business you need to show a good understanding and high level knowledge within the chosen field.  Consulting for multinational and local companies is a lucrative business which a person can start with low capital.

Content writer/freelance writing

Write quality content to sell to publishers. If you can write unique content you can sell your work to websites owners, newspapers, and bloggers. A lot of opportunities exist for freelancers online. Freelancing is a well-paying business that requires less capital to start.  Starting a blog is also ideal for content writers. Design a good-looking blog and develop unique content on it, then start making money from Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Managing company social media pages

Do you have a large number of followers on social media? If you can post engaging posts on social media like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, you can start managing social media pages for companies. Some companies will pay as a social media manager for their products and services page.

Finally, Software training

Training users how to use new software is another business you can start with low capital. Basically to qualify for this business you have to know how to use particular software.  You can be paid handsomely to install software on new computers for companies like banks, hospitals, and shops. Knowing how to use and install statistical software, accounting software, security checking software and data backup software is enough capital to start a business.

Tech startup ideas in Malawi. Summary

Starting a business with low capital in Malawi is the right choice for all who want to earn more money. Before you start any business make sure you do enough market research to avoid wasting your time. Make sure you qualify for the business you have chosen or be ready to learn on the way.  To find other business with low capital in Malawi look for challenges that people are facing in the society. After identifying the problem create and offer a solution to the identified challenges and let people pay for it.


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