Sidik Mia Biography; Malawian Politician, Businessman and Philanthropist

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Sidik Mia biography/profile below gives some details you want to know about him. Sidik Mia came as a new name in Malawi when the Malawi Congress Party under President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera was making some campaign around the country. Here is the thing; Sidik Mia is not a foreigner in our warm heart of Africa.

Mia has been with us for quite number of decades. He joined politics in 1993. As of now, he is the vice president of Malawi Congress Party with Chakwera as his running mate (President). Sidik Mia  was born in 1965 at Ngabu village, Chikwawa.

Sidik Mia Net Wealth

Mia is a wealthy businessperson runs several businesses. Some local publications wrote that he is one of the richest people in Malawi. According to Michitimes  (2017) Sidik Mia net wealth is $52 million.

Sources of Sidik Mia’s wealth include a cattle ranch in Chikwawa district. He also owns Cold Storage a popular company that sells meat and meat products. Not only that, Mia also makes income from his Event Management and Planning Company.

Sidik Mia Foundation

As a philanthropist, he is the chairperson of Sidik Mia Foundation. Through the foundation, they promote quality education standards in Malawi. One notable contribution the foundation made to promote quality education is the construction of a school block at Jombo CDSS. The foundation also promotes women entrepreneurship by giving them loans to start small businesses.


After finishing his secondary school, Mia went on to obtain a diploma in Business Management. Upon completion, he subsequently established a number of businesses within Malawi. Later he built a network of wealthy business partners who he would he persuade to become major donors to the Democratic Progressive Party.

sidik mia

Mia’s Political Life

Politically, Sidik Mia was elected a Member of Parliament for the Nkombezi constituency in May 2004 in Chikwawa District.

He was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security in June 2004. This was the beginning of his journey in the political system of Malawi government.

In 2005 he was Deputy Minister of Mines, Natural Resources and Environment, Deputy Minister of Transport and Public works and Minister of Irrigation and Water Development all because of the successful work he was doing on his position. He held this last position from September 2005 until March 2009.

Mia was re-elected in the May 2009 general elections on the Democratic Progressive Party ticket. In the cabinet that became effective on 15 June 2009, he was appointed Minister of National Defence. After the cabinet reshuffle of 9 August 2010, he became Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure.

Following the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika and succession of Joyce Banda, Sidik Mia along with 18 other colleagues of the Democratic Progressive Party announced they were to support Joyce Banda as President of the Republic.

This followed the constitutional crisis in which the National Governing Council of the Democratic Progress Party, of which Mia was a senior member, had resolved to contend to the Supreme Court that Joyce Banda was ineligible to succeed Mutharika as President.

In January 2014 Sidik Mia resigned from the People’s Party (PP) and from his cabinet post as Minister for Transport. He was expected to join the Malawi Congress Party and become the presidential running mate to its leader, Lazarus Chakwera.

Surprisingly, in June 2017, Mia strongly announced his political comeback and joined the MCP in July 2017. This was the time when Mia stayed for about two years without being active in the political arena.

Mia was then elected as Malawi Congress Party first Deputy President in a convention which took place at the party’s headquarters in the Capital Lilongwe. He is expected to be running-mate to Dr. Lazarus Chakwera who is the current president of MCP, in Malawi’s forthcoming general elections in May next year (2019).

Sidik Mia Wife

Sidik Mia is married to a lovely woman by the name, Abida Mia.

Some people who know Abida Mia describes her as an excellent event organizer. In her, they see a highly skilled event and businesses strategist.

It is disclosed that her warmth is felt in some high profile crowd-pulling events even when she is not on the ground physically.

Furthermore, Abida Mia knows how to effectively reward and motivate people who do good works including those in politics and media.

In late April 2018, the wife to the acting MCP Vice President Sidik Mia, visited Chancellor College students who belongs to MCP Wing during a farewell party the wing organised for the outgoing final year students.

Abida Mia advised the students to exercise their rights and play an active role in the affairs of Malawi. Mrs. Mia was quoted telling the student, “let us altogether grow this wing so it can be a strong structure, I pledge to support you in your affairs.”

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