Nation Newspaper Malawi

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Nation newspaper Malawi is one of the leading daily newspapers in Malawi. The nation newspaper is part of the National Publications Limited (NPL) in Blantyre. NPL is an award-winning media house in Malawi.  It was found in July 1993 by Dr Aleke Banda. Initially the company had eight employees, two computers, two telephone lines and one car. At present NPL has an office in Blantyre, Lilongwe, and Mzuzu. The first circulation was 5000 at MK2 each.

Nation Newspaper Malawi

NPL circulates thousands of newspapers in Malawi including to remote areas.  The Nation is the daily paper published from Monday to Friday. It has different sections including politics, finance, education, classifieds and advertisement. The nation is an English dominated dated paper.

The Weekend Nation Malawi

The weekend nation newspaper Malawi is another sister paper by NPL. This is one of the most read weekly papers in the country. It has sections in politics, sports, youth and society, classifieds; vacancies just to mention a few. Thousands of copies circulate every Saturday. Venders in cities cell newspapers along the roads and in shopping malls. Weekend Nation begun in 1998.  The Weekend Nation is selling at MK700 each.

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Nation on Sunday  

Nation on Sunday is another production from NPL. This is also a weekly newspaper published on Sunday. It has sections as religion, current affairs and more.

Fuko Malawi developmental Newspaper

In 2009 Fuko was born. Fuko is a free developmental newspaper. Unlike the other newspapers by the same company this one is written in vernacular language. Stories in Fuko are in Chitumbuka and Chichewa.  It has developmental content about Malawi. The paper is a target for people who live in rural areas and cannot afford buying the commercial papers.   It had an initial circulation of 15 500. NPL publishes  Fuko after every two weeks.

Nation Online 

Nation online is the online newspaper where they publish some of the content found in the daily and weekly papers. Target group for nation online is for people who want to reach Malawi news online. With the online version people are able to follow current affairs in Malawi even if they are across the borders.


  • Best Newspaper of the Year 2000 and 2001 3rd Position, 2002 and 2003 2nd position (MBC Entertainers of the year Award)
  •  Print Media House of the Year 2007 and 2009 (MISA awards)

Other Malawi newspapers Include The Daily Times Malawi, and The Guardian newspaper.

Malawi newspapers and Development

Malawi newspapers play a greater role in Malawi democracy and development. They inform, educate, and entertain the Malawi nation. Most of developmental issues are available to the public through Malawi newspapers. Investigative journalism plays a big role in revealing secretes such as massive corruption scandals in government. Malawi newspapers help to provide checks and balances for the government.

However, Malawi presidents have accused newspapers in Malawi for reporting negative news. President Bingu Wa Muthalika and President Joyce Banda both have at one time accused the print media in Malawi.

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