Malawi News Sites: 20 Sources of online Breaking News and Gossips in Malawi

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Malawi News Sites: 20 Sources of online Breaking News and Gossips in Malawi.

Malawi news sites will give you latest news in Malawi. When looking for breaking news in Malawi the importance of Malawi news sites cannot be underestimated.

With the increasing number of people using mobile internet more people search for news online.  As a result Malawi has seen the drastic increase in the number of news websites and blogs. Malawi news sites are well known in the country for providing breaking news and latest headlines in Malawi. Mostly Malawians read online news on hand held mobile devices.

Some Malawi news sites are play great role in political campaigns. News sites play a great role in political campaign and propaganda. Many news sites promise to be unbiased. However, by reading through some of these news sites one would notice that there is a lot to be desired as far as professional reporting is concerned.

The list below gives you the news sites in Malawi. By the day of blog posting it is not yet established on the total number of news websites there are in the country.  Certainly there are other sites which haven’t been listed.

Some sites run online publications only while others some of these news sites have other communications medium such as radio, offline print and Television. Apart from MBC and Manaonline the rest of the news site are private owned.

List of Malawi News Sites


Nyastimes is the reading source of online news in Malawi. It is ranks as number one most popular website in Malawi.

National Publications Limited owns mwnation and The Nation Newspaper (print). The Nation Newspaper is one of the most popular newspapers in Malawi.

Times Group owns The Times Group owns The Daily Times Newspaper, Times Tv and Times Radio.

Manaonline is a government information agency is part of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). MBC operates online, radio and Television.

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ZodiakMalawi operates online, radio and Tv

Fake news and “copy paste” syndrome are some of the challenges that affect Malawi news published online. 

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