Madonna adopted Children, Madonna Malawi charity

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Madonna adopted children are part of a family of six children.

Among the six children, Madonna has  adopted four of them from Malawi, Africa.

Madonna adopted children in Malawi, Mercy James and David Banda  some years ago.

And recently, in 2017, Madonna has adopted four-year old twin sisters Stella and Ester Mwale.

Madonna Malawi charity organization known as Raising Malawi supports orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi through health, education and community support.

Madonna adopted children are  from poor family background, as a result, they were living at an orphanage center.

How many Kids has  Madonna adopted?

Madonna children are six in total.

The superstar adopted four children in Malawi.

She also has two biological children, a daughter and a son.

The 20 years old daughter’s name is Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leone.  And the name of the biological son is Rocco Ritchie.

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Who is Madonna?

Madonna is the richest female musician in America according to Forbes 2017.

Full names                            : Madonna Louise Ciccone

Madonna age                       :  August 16 1958, 59 years

Madonna net worth             : $580 million (Forbes 2017)

Malawi adoption procedures

Malawi adoption authority

Ministry Of Gender, Child and Community Development

The Malawi law society defines adoption  as

The complete severance of parental rights and responsibility of birth parents over the child and the vesting of such rights and responsibilities in the adoptive parents

Who can adopt in Malawi?

Prospective adoptive parents are required to meet the minimum requires to adopt a child in Malawi. In the paragraph below are some of the requirements to meet in order to be eligible to adopt an African baby from in Malawi.

  • Adoption may be granted to foreign adopting parents so long as the parent(s) are not temporary visitors to Malawi and have serious commitment or connection to Malawi.
  • Age of adopting parents:

Must be of minimum age of 25 years

Maximum age of adaptive parents 65

The adaptive parent must be at least 21 years older than the prospective adoptive child

  • Both single persons and married couples may adopt a child

Eligibility of child for Adoption in Malawi

Authorities have set minimum requirements for a child who is eligible for adoption. One of the requirements is that the prospective adoptive child must at most be 18 years old. Furthermore, the child to be adopted must undergo medical checkup.

How to Adopt in Malawi?

Procedures to follow to adopt a child are as follows;

  • Choose an approved adoption service provider
  • Apply to Malawi government to adopt and be matched with a child
  • Adopt a child in Malawi

Malawi Adoption Costs/fees 

Fees and charges shall be borne by the adoptive parents

The  Fees   amount on average ranges between $350 and $600

In Malawi there are over 1 million orphans. Some of the orphans lack proper support because among other reasons they are too poor relatives who cannot afford to give support.

Orphans in the country lack basic needs such as basic education, clothing, medication, and food.

Therefore, the only place for such children can find shelter is at an orphan center.

Madonna adoption of the four children is thus a blessing to the children.

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