Low cost web hosting services, 6 factors to consider when buying cheap hosting

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Low cost web hosting services are a perfect option for people who are just starting online. People with low budget have the opportunity to choose among several least expensive website hosting companies that are available. However, keep it  in mind that low cost web hosting should not mean poor quality of service. There are some cheap hosting services that provide best web hosting services for small websites and blogs.

What is website hosting? 

What is website hosting? Many people who are starting or would like to start a website would be interested in a simple definition of website hosting. Well, website hosting is the storing of data on servers for easy access. All information in form of text, images, and videos is stored on computers where people can access it throughout the day from anywhere. The giant computers where information is stored are known as servers.

Now let’s get back to the core of the subject which is about low cost web hosting services. Out there are many web hosting companies some which are free, yet others are premium. If you want to create a professional site  you will need a premium hosting. Choosing the best web hosting services may be difficult for a person who is not experienced.

The best way to decide the right website hosting services is by reading trough low cost web hosting comparison sites and reviews. In this article I am going to share with you six Important things to consider when choosing cheap web hosting services. The factors to consider are disk space, bandwidth, customer support, custom emails, speed, free domain, and uptime.

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When you buy good hosting you also have to buy good domain name. I recommend that you buy quality domain names from Namecheap . The cost of domain name at Namecheap is 10$ (Mk 7 500).

Now lets look at the factors to consider when buying hosting.

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Disk space

Disk space is the amount of space allocated for you to store your files. Large disk space means that your will be able to store more files on your hosting account. Some low cost web hosting services gives unlimited disk space. Unlimited disk space means that you can have as many content you the website as you may want.

Page load Speed

Speed is good for user experience and SEO. Readers like visiting websites that are fast than slow sites. When deciding to buy low cost web hosting services do not compromise on speed. Your readers love fast loading websites on mobile devices as well as on desktop.

Custom emails.

Custom emails should be among the things to consider when deciding on which low cost website hosting services to choose. Usually, a custom email will look like yourname@yourwebsite.com which is different from a personal Gmail account.  People can securely share Custom emails without leaking personal data to the public. Why purchase hosting that does allow you to create custom emails? No reason. If you’re to choose a low cost web hosting company, choose the one which allow users to create custom emails.


This is the frequency at which the servers go down making a particular website unavailable to the reader. While looking at the least expensive website hosting consider chose hosting which has higher up-time. Best web hosting services claim to that they offer 100% up-time. It is practically rare to find cheap web hosting services that guarantee 100% uptime. However, by researching well it is possible to find low cost web hosting services that meets the industries acceptable values.

Web hosting month to month payment

Note that payment plans for low cost website hosting services also varies. Some offer single plans while most cheap hosting have more than one hosting plans. When looking for cheap we hosting services consider buying the basic plan if you just want to create a single website. But if you want to host more than one websites then you better go for shared hosting which allow multiple sites.

Again note that some web hosting companies allow monthly payments while others do not. In order to have maximum benefit from using cheap hosting services it is better to buy annual plans. Annual plans are cheaper than month to month web hosting payments.

Band width

Bandwidth is the size of traffic that a website can receive per given time. A site with large traffic requires more band width. Hence, before buying low cost web hosting services look at the size of the bandwidth they offer.  Many best web hosting services plans gives unmetered bandwidth which means that you don’t have to worry even when your web traffic begin to grow.



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