Facts about Malawi, the warm heart of Africa.

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Find some interesting facts about Malawi the warm heart of Africa. Malawi is a country found in southern Africa. Previously it was Nyasaland before it becomes an independent country in 1964. The people are called Malawians.

The word, “Malawi” means “fire flames” in vernacular language. The “flames” is nick name for the country’s national football team.

The nickname for Malawi is “The Warm Heart of Africa” because it has friendly and hospitable people.

Malawi population

Firstly, lets briefly look at the population;

The Malawi population is one of the largest in Africa. Recent statistics show the population is 17 million.

Map of Malawi

Secondly , lets talk about the Map

The Malawi map shows the physical boundaries of the country. Malawi map shows the three major geographical divisions of the country. The central, southern, and northern region.

There are a total number of 28 districts that we have in Malawi. Members of the local government manage the district councils. The day-to-day activities within each district are headed by the district assemblies. District assemblies are under the ministry of local government.

Total land area is 118 480 square kilometers

Malawi language.

Then, the language

In Malawi there are over twenty languages spoken by different ethnic groups. Many people in cities speak Chewa language. The other two popular languages are Tumbuka and Yao.

The Chewa language is common in the central region. Tumbuka language is commonly spoken by Malawians from the northern region. In the southern part of the country the common language is Yao.

Apart from the three languages mentioned, other Malawian languages include; Ngoni, Nyanja, Tonga, Sena, Lomwe, and Ngonde

The business language is English. As a result of this, school lessons are aught in English starting from senior primary classes to tertiary institutions. English is widely used in formal communications and job interviews.

Places of interest

Thereafter, we talk about tourism

Malawi is a beautiful country with many natural areas of tourist interest. There is Lake Malawi which inhabits rare cichlids fish species. The Lake covers most parts of the county. It is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world.

Another place of interest is Liwonde national park. Liwonde national park is the largest home of the African elephant in the country.

Mulanje Mountain found in Mulanje district is another source of natural beauty. Mulanje cider is a rare species of trees that are uniquely found on Mulanje Mountain and nowhere else.

Cities in Malawi

There are four cities in the country. These are; Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, and Zomba. Lilongwe is the capital city. Blantyre is the commercial city. Travel between cities is mostly by public transport. Inter-city flights are also available.

Staple Food for Malawians

Staple food for Malawians is nsima. Nsima is solid paste like porridge made from maize or cassava flour. In most parts of the country people eat nsima at lunch and during supper. People like to serve nsima with relish such as dried fish, meat, beans, and vegetables. This food has a lot of carbohydrates for energy.

Currency and Economy

Currency is Malawian kwacha (MK). The economy is agricultural based. Rural small holder farmers do much of the agricultural activities. The major cash crops are tobacco, and tea.

Politics and Government

It is a democratic country. It is a multiparty system of government. General elections are held after every four years to choose members of parliament and the country’s president.

Life expectancy

Finally, life expectancy

The life expectancy is short.

Male : 53.03 years

Female : 54.73 years

The above are some the interesting facts about Malawi, Africa.

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