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Energy drinks in Malawi markets are not a new thing at least to most of us in urban settlements.  Energy drinks have been there with us for a quite long time. However, these kinds of drinks have gained popularity recently. There are more kinds of energy drinks in Malawi than it was a few years ago.

Few of these brands are manufactured locally while the majority of them are imported. One thing that makes new brands popular on the market is that they are affordable than the older brands.

However, not all energy drinks have the same benefits. Some are cheap but they are not made with the customers’ needs in mind. They are made from synthetic ingredients which may not always be safe for the body. We cannot rule out the fact that Malawians are more health conscious now than then.

energy drinks in Malawi

On the other end, we also have highly priced brands found in some megastores. I hope you can mention them, you know them, right? While they may have a good quality the high price means many Malawians cannot afford them, they are for the heavy spenders. You know I am already excluded, I am economical.

Now what many people would want to have is a bottle of an energy drink manufactured by strictly adhering to international safety standards. And while maintaining the high-quality standard they should be affordable. It feels good to get great value for the money spent.

If you happen to be one of the people longing to have energy drinks that of high quality and which are affordable then you’ll fall in love with KABISA energy drink.

KABISA is a new energy drink hitting the market; it has a great taste and is affordable. Currently, the drink is available in Blantyre but it will reach every corner shop in the country soon. The drink manufactured in Poland is specially designed to meet the demands of the African consumer, the Malawian consumer.

Owners of the company which makes Kabisa energy drink lived in Africa for several years before returning to their home country. They are accustomed to Africa cultures and did their best to come up with a product that promotes greatness in the African way.

Energy drinks are not like any other fizzy drink found on the market, these are specially made to boost productivity. They stimulate one’s brain for maximum functionality. For these reasons, they are darling drinks for the young and the old, the student at the university and for the sports person on the field.

When it comes to boosting mental alertness then these drinks are good for you. A single cane will keep you active for several hours. For this reason, I love Kabisa because it enables me to read and write for several hours without feeling sleepy. They also have a dazzling taste as well that makes one ask for some more. I really like their great taste.

Energy drinks like any other food drink have to be taken in right amounts for maximum benefit. As long as they are consumed in recommended amounts energy drinks are safe for use. Health experts recommend an adult person to take not more than 400milligrams of caffeine per day.

But the drinks are not suitable for people sensitive to caffeine and pregnant women.

If you’re you love energy drinks this is your opportunity to taste KABISA and see the difference for yourself. Next time you go shopping at your favorite shop ask for a bottle of KABISA to see if you’re not missing out some greatness.

Opportunity for business people

An early bird catches the worm, this is the right moment for wholesale owners to start distributing this great brand. Be the first person to start whole-selling Kabisa on your market. It is your opportunity to make hay while the sun is shining because if you delay your competitors will beat you.

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