Easy Ways to Make Money

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Easy ways to make money are listed here are among the best ways to make money online.

To make  easy money online is a goal for a lot of people. You can make easy money online on part-time or full-time basis.

You can easy make money from home each time you want some through any of the ways shared below.

But to make easy money on the internet requires commitment and dedication..

Affiliate marketing.

Make easy money on the internet  through affiliate marketing. This is one of the best ways to make money from home. With affiliate marketing you easy money by promoting others products. You refer customers to the products of your affiliate’s partner and you get paid commission on every successful sell.

Start a blog (one of the best ways to make money on internet)

Start a blog to make easy money. Blogging is a very good way to earn money on the internet. Many people are making 6 figure incomes through blogging. It takes time to build a successful blog in order to earn extra money. But at the end the effort pays off well. You can monetize a blog with good traffic through any of the following methods;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Information marketing
  • Selling your own products
  • Joining ads networks

Write and publish eBooks

If you know anything in details that would help others learn a new skill, then you can write a book and publish it on kindle. Publishing eBooks is one of the ways to  make extra money for long period. The key is to publish valuable content that reader will want to buy.

Take online surveys

Get paid by participating in online surveys. There are some trusted websites which pay people to answer questionnaires. By participating in different surveys you may add you earning value. Most surveys pay little money but doing it part-time is one of the ways to make extra money. Examples of survey websites include;

  • Dollar surveys
  • My Survey
  • Survey spot
  • Clear voice survey
  • Test spin
Sell your photos

Make extra money by taking high quality photos and sell them online. You may use a mobile phone to capture photos. Then after that you sell them to websites that buy photos.

Freelance work

Signin to freelance websites where you can get paid for doing all imaginable tasks. Earn extra money through writing, web designing, and conducting research. Several websites pay freelancers for varied tasks. Some popular freelance websites includes:

  • Elance.com
  • oDesk.com
  • Fiverr.com

Sell your stories and videos

Sell interesting stories to publishers and make money. You can also make videos to upload on you tube. Then partner with sponsors for you videos to make money.

Tutor or teaching anything

Teach a new skill to students online. You can teach on almost any subjects that you are an expert at and charge for the service you give. At Udemy you can sell any course that you create and make extra money. You can as well start an online master class.

Selling your own products

Sell you own products to get revenue. Things like books, art work, paintings, tutorials, podcasts, and other products you can sell on eBay and Amazon.

Social media

On social media you can share other’s content to your followers. Make extra money on Facebook by promoting other people’s products. It is also possible to buy and sell items on social media.

Create informational guide

Informational products are a good source of internet money. Information packaged as books, newsletters, or videos. Such informational guides can be sold as premium products.

Help students with your homework

Help students with their home work. For other people who combine work and school they have limited time hence they need other people to help them with assignments. You charge them as you want and thus this becomes one of the ways to make extra money.


Design logs for t-shirts, mugs, websites, companies and business then sell them. You can also design websites for clients.

Resell online products and services

You buy in bulk quantities to resell some online products.  One example of such service is web hosting and domain registration. You can do resell web hosting for Hostgator and Godaddy

Create app or simple software

Creating software can help you to make extra money by either selling the software or giving it for free. When you give software for free you can make extra money asking from donations.

Give free content and ask for a donation

Receive by giving. Create useful content to share for free. Then ask for a donation. Most free open source materials earn money this way.

Paid reviews

Review products and get paid. Several products are available for  review, such as mobile gadgets, computers, apps, music and videos.  You review a product and get paid. Some sites that pay for reviews;

  • Pay2blog
  • Blog to profit
  • Social spark

Online directories and online recruitment services

Create an online directory. This helps people find information and contacts easily. You can charge clients to use the directories.

Start an online recruiting agency where you receive and review applicants CVs. Then you recruit people on behalf of partners and get paid.

Get paid for searching the web

Make easy money on the internet for searching the web. People get paid by searching the web, testing websites, and more.


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