Beforward Malawi; Second hand cars for sale in Malawi

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Beforward Malawi is an automotive company popularly known for second hand cars for sale in Malawi.

With Beforward Malawi, importation of second hand cars for sale in Malawi from Japan is made easier than it were several years ago. Thanks to Japanese car dealers who have penetrated the used cars market in Malawi. Malawians now have the luxury to buy used cars online and wait for the vehicles to be shipped to them.

Beforward Malawi

The process of importing Japanese used cars for sale in Malawi is easy for  experienced buyers. However, the process may look scary for a new buyer due to many concerns . One major concern being on money, as most people are not used to online transactions. This results because  no one wants to lose their hard-earned cash through online scammers.

Importing used cars for sale in Malawi is a good business  to start in Malawi. It is a good business idea because there is high demand for
second hand cars in Malawi which are more affordable.

To the end consumer, importing second hand Japanese cars   directly from  is cheaper than if you buy the same vehicle with the same condition in the country.

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Requirements to buy cars from Beforward Malawi

Beforward Malawi used cars are everywhere  in the country because as already said, the process of buying is quiet easy with few minimum requirements.

The most important requirement is to have enough cash ready for the vehicle of your choice.

Additionally, you should have the details or specifications for the kind of car you want to buy.

Know the car specifications such as engine size, model of the car and other features because this information will help you to avoid information overload when you start searching for cars online.

Now, let’s look at some important steps to that are involved when importing cars to Malawi.

Making Payments

Making payment for your  favorite car  should not be a hustle. Once you have identified the car you want to buy click the order button. Soon after you placed an order the car dealer will email you a pro-forma involve.

A pro-forma invoice is valid for 48 hours and it allows the companies reserve the car for you. When 48 hours elapses the car is assigned to another client.

Then go to your Malawian bank to apply for the telegraphic transfer (TT), to allow the bank to process payments for the vehicle. The next thing is to scan the bank documents and forward them to the car dealer for verification. Upon verification the car dealer will notify you on the same.

Shipping Beforward Malawi Cars and Clearance at the port

Malawi is a landlocked country with no direct links to the ocean. Hence, the imported cars are shipped from various ports in Japan to either Dar- Er-Salaam in Tanzania or Durban, South Africa. Dar- Er-Salaam is popular for clearance of used cars by road since used cars are not allowed to move on South African roads.

You can collect your vehicle at the border yourself or with the help of a reliable agent.  Shipping of used cars from Japan to Malawi takes 30 days (1 month) this is the time you are required to wait for your car from counting from the day it departed at the port in Japan. Lucky car dealers give you a link to track the progress of your vehicles along the path.

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Taxation on importation of used cars in Malawi

Importers of used cars in Malawi pay tax to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA). This is the most expensive part in the process of importing used cars to Malawi. MRA vehicle duty calculator allows importers to know in advance how much tax they are required to pay for the car which they buy.

Malawi government provide special tax rates for commercial vehicles such as trucks and machinery to promote economic growth. The tax on trucks and other commercial  machinery are lower than on small  machines.

Malawi Revenue Authority duty rates for cars can be found here on mra website.

Restrictions on imported  Malawi used cars market 

Unlike in other African countries, Malawi has no restriction on age of imported cars or worthiness of the cars to be imported.

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