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Invest on Malawi Stock Exchange to become a shareholder in any of the public listed companies in Malawi. You can buy shares on Malawi stock exchange in any of the 16 companies listed. To invest on Malawi stock exchange you need to buy at least one share on Malawi stock market. As such starting your investment journey does not require having huge upfront capital.

Some of the listed companies on the Malawi stock exchange are banks and telecommunication firms. As an interested party you can invest in any of them.

The decision to buy buy shares on Malawi stock exchange is generally  ideal for investors interested in achieving long-term financial benefits. When a person or an institution invest on Malawi Stock exchange they become shareholders of the company in which they have invested. And they are involved in certain decisions about the particular company future and gets a share of the company’s profits.

It is interesting to know that everyone can buy shares/invest on the Malawi stock exchange.  You can invest on  Malawi stock exchange market weather as an individual or an institution. This opportunity to invest on  Malawi stock exchange is open for both domestic and foreign investors. Parents or guardians can also open an investor account for a child.

Malawi Stock Exchange Share Prices Today (6 April, 2023)

How to Invest on Malawi Stock Exchange
MSE Daily Market Summary 06 April, 2023: The Symbol Column shows Listed Companies

You can start investing by buying a minimum of one share. However, you need to buy more shares to benefits from the activities on the Malawi stock exchange.

The Malawi stock exchange was opened for business on 11 November 1996 and the first company to sell shares to Malawians was the National Insurance Company.

4. Steps to Invest on the Malawi Stock Exchange

  1. Malawi Stock Exchange Brokers

The first step when a person wants to buy shares on Malawi stock exchange is to find the best stock broker in Malawi according to individual needs .  A broker is a licensed film that buys and sells securities on behalf of investors. It acts as a middleman between the buyer and seller of the stocks. The broker gives professional advice on the best investment options. Stockbrokers charges commission for their services.

2. Making the Right Investment Decision

The interested investor should make a decision whether to invest in a short term or long term capital appreciation. With the help of the broker, the investor should be able to decide suitable investment option on the stock market.  Prices of shares on the Malawi stock exchange are determined by forces of demand and supply.

3. Buying and Selling securities

The next step is deciding at what price to buy shares on the Malawi stock exchange. Knowing what price to buy will enable the buyer to determine how many stocks to buy according to the size of the available capital. As it appears on the MSE Daily Market Summary some shares are sold for as less as K100 each . However, to make reasonable profits, in the long run, investors need to buy a considerable amount of shares.

4. Saving and Monitoring

Buying stocks is a way of serving funds for future use. Making a regular investment in buying securities helps to accumulate wealth from the profits being made. After you successfully invest on Malawi stock exchange, as an investor you have to monitor the performance of the stock market.  The Malawi Stock Exchange provides daily share prices and other information on market activities on their website, facebook page and exchange in newspapers.

Benefits of Investing on Malawi Stock Exchange

Investing in stocks has several benefits as well as challenges.

Investors’ benefit from stock shares by earning dividends when the company is making profits. Part of the company’s net profit is distributed to shareholders in form of dividends.

Another advantage of investing in the stock market is that the investors’ capital grows with time. As time goes by the price of shares also tend to increase.

Stock shares can be used as bank securities to borrow money.

Companies Listed on Malawi Stock Exchange

  • Blantyre Hotels (BHL)
  • FMB Capital Holdings (FMBCH)
  • Illovo Sugar Malawi (ILLOVO)
  • National Bank of Malawi (NBM)
  • National Investment Trust (NITL)
  • NBS Bank (NBSMW)
  • NICO Holdings (NICO)
  • Old Mutual (OMU)
  • Press Corporation (PCL)
  • Standard Bank Malawi (STANDARD)
  • Sunbird Tourism (SUNBIRD)
  • Telekom Networks (TNM)


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